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Reading through this tale reminded me of many more young children whom I’d met recently, casually classified as “emotionally challenged and disturbed” and put under Special Education, with a string of hope towards healing.

Dibs was subsequently tested at the end of his therapy and was found to score in the extremely gifted range, with an IQ of on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test.

Now, I want to hack the energy in Everybody Edits. As other reviews of this book point out, it shows the healing power of providing a safe space and a positive therapeutic relationship based on unconditional positive regard.

Dibs attends an exclusive private school but they have not been able yl help him. Axline’s pioneering work in Play Therapy has been quite an eye-opener to me. It is totally devoid of commentary or technique or explanation as to why Dibs’ personality radically shifts and changes in 6 months it was later explained that this probably took place over years, which just served to confuse me– why pretend that it took six months?

I’m not sure how much the reader doesn’t know about the extent of the therapy, but it seems like Dibs’ mom found herself at the same time. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.


This is a true life story of a young boy, who grappled with himself in trying to understand himself and the world around him better. But Dibs was a special child. I work with children on a daily basis and I’ve often thought it would be beneficial to put ubsca studying in but for the most busva my readings in psychology center on self help.

It’s quite surprising how such children open up in a flurry despite remaining mute and withdrawn for hours together.

Dibs, however, is different. For example, early in the book she says, “In my opinion, the therapeutic value of this kind of psychotherapy is based upon the child’s experiencing himself as a capable, responsible person in a relationship that tries to communicate to him two basic truths: The book is an easy read and can be completed in a couple hours. It is a story with little hope, but within in the pages is found, a life and a sense of self. A problem that is abandoned as being hard and unsolvable will never be solved, although it will continue to retain an unjust label.

Lists with This Book. However, I enjoyed this book and would still recommend it to others who are interested in child and play therapy. It’s true that adults often interject with a more definitive pattern of play You see, all day long no-one had asked him to open up and talk about whatever he wanted, with the assurance that the other person will listen.

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Dibs (En Busca Del Yo): Virginia Axline: : Books

I found this interesting and reminiscent of case studies I read whilst studying linguistics but it lacked any commentary and was dated in the language used. It Comes With special feature. Views Read Edit View history. Although it’s an old book, the cel of Dibs was timeless to me in many ways.


I loved this book when I read it as an undergraduate, many years ago. It gives the child a safe space to simply be and do whatever is natural.

Why was it so important to the author that Dibs be a “genius”? His parents are convinced he is mentally defective. In their weekly sessions together, Axline incorporates the principles of non-directive play therapy.

DIBS (en Busca Del Yo) Virginia Axline

All these questions are of course unreasonable to be answered with this one book, but Dr. I can’t really say much more about it because I’ll end up sounding American and all that jazz!!

The kid she describes and gives the very weird alias “Dibs” is the child of affluent but apparently clueless and emotionally gusca parents.

This method seems to be about giving the child a space to play in which they can do whatever they wish, with no judgement from the therapist.