Pulpal and periodontal problems are responsible for more than 50% of tooth mortality today. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied pathogenesis which ranges from simple to relatively complex one. The differential diagnosis of. 10 steps to efficient endo in the general practice. For differential diagnosis and treatment purposes, “endo-perio” lesions are classified as either.

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The relationship of bacterial penetration and pulpal pathosis in carious teeth. A survey of cases in Chinese patients.

Endo-Perio Dilemma: A Brief Review

These lesions often present challenges to the clinician as far as diagnosis and prognosis of the involved teeth are concerned. Prevalence of yeasts in saliva and root canals of teeth associated with apical periodontitis. The prognosis of these cases depends on the severity of periodontal disease and the response to periodontal treatment.

Successful management of a perforated mandibular molar using amalgam and hydroxylapatite.

Endo-Perio Dilemma: A Brief Review

This is achieved by careful history taking, examination, and performing special tests. Bilateral buccal radicular groove in maxillary incisors: A dilemma from 19 th until 21 st century.

In primary endodontic disease, the pulp is infected and non-vital. New attachment following surgical treatment of human periodontal disease.


Endo-perio lesions: Diagnosis and clinical considerations Shenoy N, Shenoy A – Indian J Dent Res

Calcium ion diffusion from calcium hydroxide-containing materials in endodontically-treated teeth: Important qualities of cross-infecting organisms may be the ability to survive in highly reduced environments and motility.

The effect of periodontal disease on the pulp. Histological study of the pulp changes caused by periodontal disease. The pulp and periodontium have embryonic, anatomic and functional inter-relationships. The artificial pathways between periodontal and pulpal tissues are vertical root fractures. Czarnecki RT, Schilder H.

To have the best prognosis, clinician should refer the case to various areas of specialization, to perform restorative, endodontic or periodontal therapy, either singly or in combination. For diagnostic purposes, it is imperative for the clinician to insert a gutta-percha cone into the sinus tract and to take one or more radiographs to determine the origin of the lesion.

Milano F, Melsen B. Diagnosis and treatment of endodontically treated teeth with vertical root fracture: In some cases, the influence of pulpal pathology may cause the periodontal involvement and vice versa. Periodontitis Associated with Endodontic Disease. The differential diagnosis of endodontic and periodontal diseases can sometimes be difficult but it is of vital importance to make a correct diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be provided.

International Journal of Dentistry

Patient complained of pus discharge from gums in between central incisors. Primary endodontic lesions eneo secondary periodontal involvement may also occur as a result of root perforation during root canal treatment, or where pins or posts have been misplaced during coronal restoration. The relationship of endodontic-periodontic lesions.


Periodontal lesions Plaque and calculus initiate periodontal lesions. Fungi in endodontic infections. International Journal of Dentistry.

A histologic evaluation of dental pulp tissue of a patient with periodontal disease. However, primary endodontic disease with secondary periodontal involvement, primary periodontal disease with secondary endodontic involvement, or true combined diseases are clinically and edno very similar.

Ray and Trope 45 reported that defective restorations and adequate root canal fillings had a higher incidence of failures than teeth with inadequate root canal fillings and adequate restorations.

Pathways for communication between endodontic and periodontal tissues Click here to view. Prognosis of root-fractured permanent incisors–prediction of healing modalities. Taking into consideration all these factors and the divergences regarding the origin and direction that these infections developed, the new modified classification of these lesions has been justified.

View at Google Scholar F. Relationship between periapical and periodontal status.