Very pretty fingerless mitts, but the knitting is definitely not for the beginner. The colorwork is not too complicated, though, and the designer provides a chart that. I’ve had these mitts finished for a while but haven’t gotten photos of them until today. The pattern is Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang. The yarn is. Links and Resources. Endpaper Fingerless Mitts (K) Free Pattern. Sep 28, # · breeze ·

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Endpaper Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

I’ve been meaning to learn how to knit the thumb gusset of a wristwarmer for the past three months. I’m pretty pleased – can you tell? THIS, you wonderful designer, is perfect! Of course, I say this as if I do a lot of holiday crafted gifts when really I do not. Katrina November 17, You are such a talented and generous soul. I think this is the one!

Ravelry: Endpaper Mitts pattern by Eunny Jang

Thanks for sharing, I just might have to cast on for some: Hiroko July 30, I saw this on bloglines and gasped. Continue to work in k1, p1 ribbing for 4 rounds more. I love the slightly variegated Koigu. Nancy Hart November 17, I bow to you. HeatherKnits November 17, Lisle December 20, Finishing Weave in all ends. Size 0 and Size 3 Yardage: Form Thumb Next round: Jessimuhka November 16, Christina November 16, An Important Note on This Pattern For your convenience, the mihts shaping lines of the thumb gusset have been provided in chart form Chart B.


Cheryl November 17, Your inspiration is so timely that I had to smile. Punkin November 16, I made a very simple pair and promptly lost one of them! I’ve been wanting to try a two-color project to practice weaving the colors in while knitting. Eunny, you’re an angel!

endpaler I love that your brain works like that! I think I may be in love with you and your knitting. I’ve yet to try 2 color knitting other than stripes. I am so freaking happy that you posted this pattern.

When I grow up, I’m definitely trying this pattern.

Knitting Patterns Galore – Endpaper Mitts

Comments Sometimes a small hiatus is needed to make a hobby entrancing again! I love the mittens and I have just finished them. Kim November 17, Roseann November 17, I am a big fingerless mittens wearer between september and endpaoer and I really don’t have enough of them. Hum, does that mean you finished writing something?

Thank you so kitts for all the work you put into posting them. Block over a cylinder of the correct circumference, or flat on a non-absorbent surface with pins. ErickaJo November 16, Christina November 22, OK, for someone who is feeling rather blase about knitting, that is a pretty kickass pattern!!!


Endpaper Mitts

You know, you’re just spoiling people with these insanely beautiful patterns, right? Lovely – something like this is just what I have been craving edpaper working on knitting projects in my chilly house – since I can’t knit and hold onto a cup of tea simultaneously! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

mktts Dorothy B November 16, These fit the bill perfectly, thanks a million! Actually think I may have the right yarn for it. Rebecka January 18, Susan December 5, I’ve been looking for something to knit for a friend’s Christmas gift and these are perfect if I can bear to part with them after I’ve knit them, that is.

Now I’m dying to do one pair with a solid background and a variegated yarn in the foreground. Everyone needs a hiatus from that which keeps us so busy – you are so creative and talented – sometimes the brain needs a rest – only to come alive with wonderful mittx ideas – which in your case – we so enjoy!

Rebecca November 17,