We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Marketing Authorisation Holder MR: Timings should be clear. It may be more convenient to arrange an appointment to call back at a different time or via a land line. Interpretation of national legislation on data protection and patient anonymity in Finland and Sweden appears to suggest that direct use of patient records for market research is prohibited, even if the data is anonymised, unless written consent from the patient has been secured.

Free Prize Draws 4. Clients should be informed if any part of the study is to be sub-contracted outside of the agency. That an agreement with individual epymra HCPs exists including a number of key details such as title, speciality, qualifications, RPPS or equivalent number, professional address 2.

Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals Clients are fully responsible for all damage or injury caused by materials or products they have provided to researchers for research purposes unless the researcher failed to follow the care instructions provided by the client – when the materials were in the agency’s possession or the agency breached any other legal obligations.

In Denmark legislation stipulates that any non-double-blinded i. The statement should be easy to find, easy to use and understand, including by children when appropriate. Personal data covered by the EU Data Protection Directive includes data “be epumra alphabetical, numerical, graphical, photographical or acoustic. This information will be made publicly available.

Richard Head elected Associate Member to the EphMRA Board

It is important that participating patients are fully aware of the nature of the research and that the consultation is a simulation and not a substitute for a normal consultation. Active Market Research i. However, where revealing a client identity would bias or otherwise undermine the conduct of a research project, researchers may withhold the identity of the client until the end of fieldwork if withholding that information is unlikely to be detrimental to the participants.


A write up of John Branston’s paper ‘Rx Rationale: In addition, Martin outlined the reasons for this approach from the client side, largely wanting to have better quality data and clearer rationale behind quantitative prescribing behaviour.

The agency MUST ensure that the country or organisations in those countries to which any personal data are transferred by them or their sub-contractors have adequate data protection measures in place, particularly outside the EEA. Reports and presentations accurately: This period will vary according to the nature of the data, the type of project and the need for future research or follow up analysis.

Disclosed data will be publicly accessible in the country where the HCP has their practice. The Research Partnership not only exhibited at the 2 day event, but presented two papers and chaired another.

It is not market research when data are collected for any other purpose that that described see 3. Country of disclosure 4.

Healthcare Market Research News from Research Partnership

As with any request for consent for the use of personal data, the following must be made clear: The unnecessary or repeated use of brand names should be avoided unless assessing reaction to the name, or use of the product by name is an essential research objective – particular care should be taken if the names of unlicensed products are to be used. This includes ad hoc and syndicated work upon pharmaceutical products, biologics, medical devices and diagnostics available with or without prescription.

It covers records produced by the client as well as by the researcher. It is provided as a reference for best practice. We have refreshed and relaunched our conference website, which has all the vital information you need about the conference and which is constantly being updated with new developments.


Market research is defined by the objective s and the approach, not by the title of the work or those ephmrx in it. It should be noted that: They are as follows: Researchers should take special care when contacting MR subjects via mobile epmhra whether by voice, text or emailwith regard to MR subject safety and privacy:.

Upcoming market research events | SKIM

The question “May we contact you for future research? Tips, truths, news and views, blogs, tweets, articles and films covering a range of topics affecting the global healthcare market. Within any market research care should be taken to ensure that MR subjects understand when they are providing feedback on draft materials, hypothetical scenarios, assumptions, a product in development or as yet unlicensed.

For online research with children MR subjects should be asked to give their age before any other personal information is requested. Full name and address of principal practice Fee for service and consultancy — MR incentive MR-related expenses Where only aggregate data can be given where consent has not been given for personal data to be used in this way: As well as chairing the paper ‘Achieving innovation through appropriate online stakeholder communication’, Mark Jeffery re-presented ‘Rx Rationale: The DKG have also stated that employer permission is required unless participation in market research is a one-off or rare and the incentive does not exceed euros.

Whether an audio recording is considered personal data may depend on whether the surnames of the individuals are recorded or whether the voice alone could lead to the identification of the individual.

MR subjects MUST be protected for the duration of the study — not harmed, exposed, disadvantaged or made to feel uncomfortable in any way.