Epicœne; or, The Silent Woman: fable, parable, and allegory: Diversity of media: affect personality: in Jonson’s play Epicoene; or, The Silent Woman (). EPICOENE; OR, THE SILENT WOMAN. BY BEN JONSON. INTRODUCTION. THE greatest of English dramatists except Shakespeare, the first literary dictator. Morose has heard of a soft-voiced woman, extremely frugal of speech, and has negotiated with his silent barber, Cutbeard, to arrange a meeting, possibly even.

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wkman Finally it is, Dauphine, who comes to the rescue of Morose and says that he will provide the reasons for divorce. Windows and doors seemingly pop out of nowhere.

Women take a particularly vicious drubbing. Hardly a week goes by without an attempted parliamentary coup.

The Silent Woman

David Savin is just right as the battered husband to his effectively shrewish wife, Nancy Robinette. A Shakespeare Theater presentation of a play in two acts by Ben Wman.

He hiers two Lawyers, but they the men of Dauphine. The situation becomes tense for the Morose. Political plotting wkman become a national pastime in Britain. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. When Morose met Epicene, he tries to find out if she’s dpicoene a silent woman, testing her obedience. The cleverly twisted plot was contrived to skewer a broad swath of social pretensions and customs in Jacobean England.

The play is about a man named Dauphine who creates a scheme to get his inheritance from his uncle Morose. Kahn has clearly tried hard, perhaps too hard, to compensate ghe cranking up the clownishness full tilt.

Years later, however, John Dryden and others championed it, and after the Restoration it was frequently revived— Samuel Pepys refers to a performance on 6 Julyand places it among the first plays legally performed after Charles II’s accession. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable epiclene. Resurrected by the Shakespeare Theater, it’s being played to the maniacal hilt in a typically lavish production by Michael Kahn. Desperate for a divorce, Morose consults two lawyers who are actually Dauphine’s friends Cutbeard and Otter sileent disguisebut they can find no grounds for ending the match.


Morose soon regrets his wedding day, as his house is invaded by a charivari consisting of Dauphine, Truewit, and Clerimont; a bear warden named Otter and his wife; two stupid knights La Foole and Daw ; and an assortment of Collegiates.

Morose, has a natural hatred for noise. David Garrick and George Colman ‘s updated versionfeaturing Siddons, was a disastrous failure. Points to remember Morose wants to disinherit his Nephew, Dauphine He marries to Epicene The drama is staged by Dauphine, but Morose does not know Epicene is not a women but a boy in costume Dauphine reveals it, on a financial agreement with Morose. Hypocrisy, venality and marriage are just some of the topics lampooned here.

Mistress Otter has a dominant personality compared to her husband. The couple are married despite the well-meaning interference of Dauphine’s friend Truewit. After sipent agreement is made Dauphine strips off the costume of Epicene, and it is revealed that Epicene was none but a boy in costume.

Morose is a wealthy old woan with an obsessive hatred of noise, going as far as to live on a street too narrow for carts to pass and make noise. Over the next century, a number of celebrated actresses, including Anne Oldfield and Sarah Siddonsperformed the part. Morose thinks that Epicene is a quite woman. Truewit says that no matter what, Morose will find himself unhappy in marriage, regardless of if she is pretty, ugly, rich, poor, or even if Morose loves her.

Masterson, a native of Houston, [ Unbeknownst to him, Dauphine has arranged the zilent match for purposes of his own. Siddons, however, was directly associated with the play’s departure from the stage.


The play influenced at least two minor plays before the interregnum: Bonnell Tylerechoing Reformation comments on epicodne play, condemned Morose as ludicrously unnatural, and other reviewers were no kinder. Naomi Jacobson, Nikki E. This choice—and the production as a whole—received unanimous critical acclaim.

The cast was led by Nathan Field who may have played either Truewit or Dauphin.

Epicœne; or, The Silent Woman

This section needs additional citations for verification. This can be seen through the play’s epicoebe of Latin phrases, which would have required the audience to possess advanced education in order to understand all of the jokes and references. But Dauphine will do all this on a financial deal with Morose.

Arbella Stuartwho complained of a personal reference to a recent intrigue involving the prince of Moldavia. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m officially co-producing this show. Fleay’s hypothesis that Jonson himself played Morose. Epicene is in complete contrast to what Morose thought her to be. Epicoee play takes place in Londonprimarily in the home of Morose.

To combat this, Dauphine concocts a plan with Cutbeard, Morose’s barber. Winston Duke has had quite a year. Cutbeard presents Morose with a young and supposedly silent woman to marry.

Finally, the comic duel between La Foole and Daw is usually seen as an echo of the mock-duel between Viola and Aguecheek in Shakespeare ‘s Twelfth Night. He thinks that he will marry with Epicene and then disinherit Dauphine.