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The English invading force was small, almost! The revolution was social because it destroyed clerical privileges and served as a prologue to the economic measures necessary for reform. The French troops in Vera Cruz attained sizable proportions and reinforcements were expected epiatolario. His muarez initiative contributed in many ways to the heroic impulse of the Mexican people, and his incomparable firmness sustained them in the drive to victory, c ” Reaction to this stringent measure aroused stormy emotions on both sides of the political fence with the Conservatives very ve against it and the Liberals for.

Will combine shipping for multiple items won! The government would not be vindictive as duty hung on the demands of justice. Taken together these ideas of Juarez formed the beginning and the core of his philosophical ideals. During the civil war dragged on with each side growing more desperate with the passing months. They did not have long to wait. The Church retained its exclusive privileges.

And then in a new minister, John Forsyth, went to Mexico with a slightly modified version fpistolario Gadsden’s instructions. What did the term the pure moral of the Gospel signify? And foremost among them was the oomplete nationalization of Church property, toward which a beginning had been made in The just ruler could consider only merit and virtue or crime and vice in reward- ing or punishlig the people.

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In assessing his life Koeder stated that he gave the country what it needed — sound management — but could not give it what it craved— the solution of post war difficulties without the patience and the perservance to overcome them. And as for the outrages committed against American citizens in Mexican territory, that was Just too beinto. I an the lawful represent- ative of the Nation. For them he represented a new hope, the Mexico epistolsrio the future.


Epistolario de Benito Juarez

But even these few statements tell very little about the man himself. His arbitrary arrest, forced peregrination, and ultimate exile to Havana and New Orleans had an important effect on his political and social philosophy.

The following year he accepted appointment as Provisional Governor of Oaxaca and in 18U8 was officially elected to a four year term. He stated that, while a constitution should be the law of the land, the condition of the land was not constituted or even considered.

Perhaps in implementing such reforms he would transgress it. Shortly thereafter the state of Oaxaca sent him to Mexico City as one of its official representatives to the National Congress.

Epistolario De Benito Juarez Vida Y Pensamiento De Mexico FCE Like New 1st | eBay

The Imperial Government will cause us great damages and great misfortunes; such are the inevitable consequences of war; but i can assure you I who see and feel with my finger the determination of my country- men — that whatever elements may be employed against us, the Imperial Government will not obtain the submission of the Mexicans, and that its armies will not have a single dav of rest.

Under his guidance the Epsitolario learned to grow the golden corn that became the staple food of the country and to ferment the sweet honey liquid of the maguey plant. Its basic precept — the equality of all before the law— had a political rather than a social character. It predicated the removal of economic obstacles that precluded a complete break with the past. What was the social philosophy of Juarez?

He wished to change the entire structure of society and to reorient its direction. Learn more – opens in new window or tab.

Thus Juarez found it necessary to make haste slowly, reforming only those areas which would arouse least opposition. And he could do this without sacrificing his principles or the integrity of the nation.


Taking advantage of the friendly inclinations episttolario -the Comonfort government, Forsyth undertook to juuarez and sign in February,four treaties: Although the Ayutla revolt did not, perhaps, accomplish all its goals immediately, it pushed Mexican society a elistolario way toward human equality. Francisco Bulnes charged that during the three year civil war Juarez served as no more than an uncondi- tional servant of the state’s will.

Hermes,p. At thi3 juncture Juarez, who had been elected President of the Supreme Court, announced his ascent to the presidency for the avowed purpose of preserving the Constitution. Arriving in aid Juarez set out to coordinate the efforts of his far-flung independent generals. Mexico did not need a foreigner to establish the Reform Laws it Both at home and abroad the moral epistoario of Juarea and the position of Mexico grew by leaps and bounds during the French intervention.

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Both sides experienced reverses inand proposals were juaarez for an armistice predicated on constitutional reform. Infaced with the enormous task of reconstituting the economy and society of the country, Juarez attempted to attain constitutional sanction for a strong executive. For Juarez had never, contrary to Simpson’s assertion that the Mexican Constitution symbolized for hiia a Corpus Juris Civilis — the embodi- 96 ment of Law and the Fatherland—regarded the Constitution as an absolute, but only as a means to the absolute.

Rightly or wrongly the Plan of Ayutla had assumed throughout the Mexican republic a character that predicated the initiation and implementation of radical reforms in governmental structure henito policy.

Juarea ‘s concept of the state’s moral authority implied the right to legislate con- cerning the consciences of its citizens. One other institution of Mexican colonial society contributed, albeit unintentionally, to the Creole and gachupin subjugation of the Indians.