Key Steps to Optimize Management of Epulis Fissuratum induced by a Total Denture: A Case. Report. Jihane Slaoui Hasnaoui1*, Zineb Stri2. Introduction: Epulis fissuratum is a tumor-like hyperplasia developing in association with an ill-fitting denture. Case Report: We report a. Epulis fissuratum is a pseudotumor growth located over the soft tissues of the vestibular sulcus caused by chronic irritation from poorly adapted prostheses.

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She presented with the chief complaint of an abnormal growth along the posterior border of her ill-fitting upper complete denture as well as pain and discomfort during mastication. Eagle syndrome Hemifacial hypertrophy Facial hemiatrophy Oral manifestations of systemic disease. SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field. This item has received. In oral surgical procedures it has been implemented in the management of aggressive primary jaw lesions [ 2021 ] and minor soft tissue surgeries [ 2223 ].

Salivary glands Benign lymphoepithelial lesion Ectopic salivary gland tissue Frey’s syndrome HIV salivary gland disease Necrotizing sialometaplasia Mucocele Ranula Pneumoparotitis Salivary duct stricture Salivary gland aplasia Salivary gland atresia Salivary gland diverticulum Salivary gland fistula Salivary gland hyperplasia Salivary fsisuratum hypoplasia Salivary gland neoplasms Benign: Dental management of patients using antithrombotic drugs: Abstract The aim of this report is to present a case fissufatum the treatment of Epulis fissuratum in relation to an ill fitting denture, in a debilitated geriatric patient with a novel technique using liquid nitrogen cryosurgery.

Conclusion The use of CO2 lasers are nowadays the Gold Standard in the excision of this type of pathology especially in patients with hemorrhagic diathesis or antithrombotic therapy.


The mechanism behind it is that as the cryosurgery is applied ice crystals are formed intracellularly and progressive necrosis ensues. Only the site of surgery was exposed; all other areas were protected with wet gauze.

Epulis fissuratum – Wikipedia

Mucogingival overgrowth in a geriatric patient. After complete healing of the lesion, the patient was referred to the prosthodontics department for fabrication of new dentures. There were no cervical or submandibular adenopathy.

Kerala Dent J ;3: The haemostatic capacity of CO2 laser is epuliz widespread being a usefull instrument for oral surgery in patients that suffered from clotting disorders. Surgical excision is the definitive treatment of epulis fissuratum, always with appropriate prosthetic reconstruction.

Acta Odontol Scand, 41pp. Open in a separate window. The surgical approach includes using any of the following: Clinical presentation of a lower epulis fissuratum without protheses. Aditionaly to epulis removal we perform a partial vestibuloplasty. Se continuar a navegar, consideramos que aceita o seu uso.

Epulis fissuratum

Risk factors in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: Then, the lesion was excised surgically. Int J Oral and Maxillofac Surg. The patient was prescribed topical anti-fungal medications for 10 days.

Risk factors in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: Prasad FissugatumA. Treatment of epulis fissuratum with CO 2 laser and prosthetic rehabilitation in patients with vesiculobullous disease. Epulis literally, ‘on the gingiva’ is a general term for any gingival or alveolar tumor i. Epulis fissuratum refers to reactive tissue response to excessive mechanical pressure imparted by the poor fit of prosthesis.

Case Report: Epulis fissuratum: consequence of ill-fitting prosthesis

Most of epulis fissuratum occur in the anterior region epulus the upper or lower jaws. Dent Clin North Am ; Periapical, mandibular and maxillary hard tissues — Bones of jaws. Hence it mandates the modification of treatment plan to suit the geriatric population and to decrease the likelihood of adverse events from dental innervations. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Anticoagulant intake is another challenge that pulls the cuffs of the dentist, which he can epulia readily overcome. The patient was informed in detail about the procedure after which he signed an informed consent form.

Epulis fissuratum: consequence of ill-fitting prosthesis

Studies have showed the increased presence of platelets in vessels treated with cryosurgery [ 24 ], denoting its role in haemorrhage control. Orofacial soft tissues — Fpulis tissues around the mouth Actinomycosis Angioedema Basal cell carcinoma Cutaneous sinus of dental origin Cystic hygroma Gnathophyma Ludwig’s angina Macrostomia Melkersson—Rosenthal syndrome Microstomia Noma Oral Crohn’s disease Orofacial granulomatosis Perioral dermatitis Pyostomatitis vegetans.

SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same. Lasers Med Sci, 23pp. Provenance and peer review: The aim of this article is to present a case of epulis fissuratum in a patient with antithrombotic medication demonstrating the usefulness of the CO2 laser for treatment of this lesion.

This is in accordance with other works. New aspects of lasers in fisssuratum and craniomaxillofacial surgery. Epulis fissuratum Epulis fissuratum also termed inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia[1] denture-induced fibrous inflammatory hyperplasia[2] denture injury tumor[1] denture epulis[1] denture induced granuloma[3] and granuloma fissuratum [4]: Outcome and follow-up After complete healing of the lesion, the patient was referred to the prosthodontics department for fabrication of new dentures.

Int Con Ser,pp.