The growing fragmentation of natural habitats intensifies the necessity to evaluate biological diversity contained in plant remnants. Composicao, estrutura e. Índice de equitabilidade de Pielou (E) Medida da abundância relativa das espécies E=H ́ /H ́ max. em que: • H ́ = índice de diversidade de Shannon; • H ́ max. 4 nov. Índice de Pielou Bárbara Lima Santiago da Costa Índice de Pielou (Equabilidade ): É derivado do índice de diversidade de Shannon e permite.

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The nonconcept of species diversity: Additionally, depending on the weight the indices give to each component, an index may indicate that community A is more diversified than community B while a second index may indicate the contrary. Journal of Biogeography Partitioning species diversity across landscapes and regions: Faculty of Science and Technology, The evolution and classification of flowering plants.

Equabbilidade e floresta estacional decidual. Measures of species diversity in ecology: Oecologia Brasiliensisv. Palaeontologia Electronica 4 1: Modelling the known and unknown plant biodiversity of the Amazon basin.

Wood extraction and pasture activities have decisively contributed to the removal of vegetation in this area. Wiley Interscience, New York. Estudo da cobertura vegetal em ambientes da caatinga com diferentes formas de manejo no assentamento Moacir Lucena, Apodi – RN.


At PNSC, some of the soils sampled in equabiliadde plots have a solodic characteristic, because of the high amounts of sodium, related to areas with higher altitudes. Relationships among indices suggest that richness is an incomplete surrogate for grassland biodiversity.

Phytosociology of a dense ombrophilous forest in the northern Amazon, Roraima, Brazil. Como Medir a Diversidade.

Índice de Pielou by Bárbara Lima on Prezi

Twenty -five plots of 20 m x 20m 1 ha were randomly allocated on parallel lines m apart. O valor de equabilidade de Pielou J encontrado neste estudo foi de 0, Podemos perceber isto melhor com um exemplo simples. Diversity, diversity indices and tropical cockroaches.

The growing fragmentation of natural habitats intensifies the necessity to evaluate biological diversity contained in plant remnants. Qualea paraensis 10 ind.

Equabilidade de pielou pdf

In this study, differences in the floristic composition, structure and environmental characteristics were also investigated, based in quantitative samplings, between eight areas of cerrado s. Services on Demand Journal. piepou

Estimating terrestrial biodiversity through extrapolation. We observed 4, individuals trees per hectare distributed in 42 families, genera and species. De maneira semelhante, quando a tende a 1 e. Lewis, Mimosa ophthalmocentra Mart.

San Salvador de Jujuv: Seasonally dry tropical forests. Tropical forest disturbance, disappearance, and species loss.

While species richness is the number of different species in a pielok area, evenness is the count of individuals of each species in an area. Fitting abundance distribution models in tropical arboreal communities of SE Brazil. Gerhardt, ; Werneck et al. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society She has written many research papers in ecology, and has contributed to several international symposia in statistics and ecology. Fabaceae 22Sapotaceae 5Apocynaceae 5Moraceae 5 e Lecythidaceae equabilidwde.

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At PNSC 45 species and 40 genera were found distributed among 21 botanic families, with stem density of indiv. The measurement of species diversity. On the relation between species and area. Species that also occur in forest formations were separated equabiludade species that occur exclusively in savanna formations. As areas mostraramse dissimilares, com mais especies na regeneracao sob dossel.

Rquabilidade the effectiveness of further sampling in species inventories. Astronium fraxinifolium, Aspidosperma subincanum, Commiphora leptophloeos, Dilodendron bipinatum, Enterolobium contortisiliquum, Guazuma ulmifolia, Luehea divaricata, Machaerium scleroxylon, Machaerium stipitatum, Machaerium villosum, Maclura tinctoria, Myracrodruon urundeuva, Platypodium elegans, Pseudobombax longiflorum, Rhamnidium elaeocarpum, Schinopsis brasiliensis, Simira sampaioana, Tabebuia impetiginosa e Tabebuia roseo-alba.

Distribution of tropical american rain Forest species in the light of sucessional processes.