Eric Voegelin was a German-born American political philosopher. . In his The New Science of Politics, Order and History, and Science, Politics and Gnosticism, Voegelin opposed what he. Eric Voegelin, Science, Politics, and Gnosticism. Wilmington, DE: ISI Books, . xxiii+ pp. $ ISBN (pbk). The republication of this. Science, Politics, and Gnosticism has ratings and 16 reviews. Szplug said: Very insightful, without being particularly helpful if one does not hold a.

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He was not interested so much in what religious dogmas might result in personal salvation, but rather a recovery of the human in the classical sense of the ” daimonios aner ” Plato’s term for “the spiritual man”. He taught political theory and sociology at the University of Vienna after his habilitation there in Please try again later.

He was a member of the Philadelphia Society. Vogelein is a champion of reality.

A little off with his Milleniarialism, but only because he lived before any significant preterism. I suppose philosophy never is, although one of the delights in reading, say, Plato’s Republic, as I recall, is that there is no ‘professional’ jargon employed as by erix who believe that philosophy must be academically niche-oriented, obtuse, and ‘technical’.

A Reading of Eric Voegelin: Voegelin’s conception of gnosis and his analysis of Gnosticism in general has been criticized by Eugene Webb.

Both are attempts to apply ‘Aristotelian’ methods to modern politics. Man cannot transform himself into a superman; the attempt to create a superman is an attempt to murder man.

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Because Voegelin applied the concept of Gnosis undiscriminatingly to Marxism, communism, National Socialism, progressivism, liberalism and humanism, [14] critics have pointed out that Voegelin’s concept of Gnosis lacks theoretical precision.


The murder of God requires a new god: It broke with the chronological pattern of the previous volumes by investigating symbolizations of order ranging in time from the Sumerian King List to Hegel. As Descartes would say, Xcience is not a deceiver. Oct 05, Szplug rated it liked it. The instrument of salvation is knowledge gnosis by which eic soul is disentangled from the world. Let’s just say that I hope I never have to read anything by Voegelin again. Be the first to ask a question about Science, Politics, and Gnosticism.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Here, there is some of the flavor of that, but not enough to obscure the import. Visions of order belong to the latter category.

Science, Politics and Gnosticism: Two Essays – Eric Voegelin – Google Books

One of his most quoted passages by such figures as William F. In this, he equates ancient Gnosticism with what he regarded as unsound political theories, such as Communism and Ngosticism.

Later at an informal talk given at University College, Dublin, Ireland in[25] Voegelin suggested the Soviet Union might collapse by because of its failure to succeed in its domestic commitments and external political challenges. The New Science tnosticism Politics: Social and Political Philosophy.

If nothing else, I am now determined politicd finally crack The Drama of Atheist Humanism and dig deeper and vpegelin in Plato’s Complete Worksas the Attic genius is the figure from whom Voegelin has drawn the majority of his own personal philosophy. Work on the final volume, In Search of Orderoccupied Voegelin’s final days and it was published posthumously in Perspectives from the Review of Politics —, Verlag: The conception of brotherhood without a father.

Likewise, Nazism is seen as “gnostic” because it posits that we can achieve utopia by attaining racial purity, once the master race has freed itself of the racially inferior and the degenerate.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This alienation has two effects:. Influenced Raymond AronWilliam F.

Science, Politics and Gnosticism

A particular sense of transcendent order serves as a basis for a particular political order. Voegelin posits that the truth of our reality—that of a transcendent order of being that, besides its being anchored in a Godhead, cannot be ascertained but only intuited and positioned ghosticism and within metaphysical, mythological and symbolic structures—has always placed a terrible strain upon our souls and minds; the precariousness and mysteriousness of our existence, the terrible finality of unknown and unknowable death, the thin reed of faith upon which we are required to hang the short and swift years of our drawing of breath place an onerous burden upon each individual, and the allure of a gnosticism that promises deliverance from an uncertain truth by means of a certain untruth has a seemingly enduring appeal.

Sarah rated it it was amazing Sep 22, Its influence on Mill, Weber, Cassirer, Husserl.

Science Politics and Gnosticism. This stands in contrast to a notion of redemption that is achieved through the reconciliation of mankind with the divine. This is a matter of so altering the structure of the world, which is perceived as inadequate, that a new, satisfying world arises. But in the end it will only intensify the alienation, and bring death. Nick Barden rated it it was amazing Dec 22,