All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I. The book describes the German soldiers’ extreme physical. Get this from a library! Pe frontul de vest, nimic nou. [Erich Maria REMARQUE; Eman CERBU]. Erich Maria Remarque (by), Maxwell Anderson (adaptation) | 3 more credits» .. in America) adapted from a novel by German author Erich Maria Remarque.

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Soroc de viata si soroc de moarte.

Often the narrators of audio adopt the accents of their characters. Their lives are anonymous and blameless; if I knew more about them, what they are called, how they live, what their hopes and fears are, then my feelings might have a focus and could turn into sympathy.

Nimic nou pe frontul de vest by Erich Maria Remarque (5 star ratings)

Remarque portrays this brilliantly, as the returning Narrator finds himself unable to communicate his experiences when he goes home on leave. Detering tried to outwit them; he fixed a thin wire to the ceiling and hooked the bundle with his bread on to it.

Maris bleak and it Audiobook performed by Frank Muller 6h 56m Well Himmelstoss later joins them at the front, revealing himself as a coward who shirks his duties for fear of getting hurt or killed, and pretends to be wounded because of a scratch on his face.

  DECRETO 228-13 PDF

Paul’s visit on leave to his home highlight the cost of the war on his psyche. Remarque captures the absurdity of the situation: At one point he secures four boxes of lobster.

Pe frontul de vest nimic nou

WW1 World war one The Great war. In addition, the novel describes and narrates the d of a soldier before, in the middle of, and after a war.

What kind of war book is this? Coming to the story, Paul and numerous young men like him enlist in the army, often eich by their teachers. Then I did not know that it was based on a book. It’s difficult to comprehend the misery endured. Other cultures may do better.

Refresh and try again. How much they think that the same war, where their young comrades die left and right, to be senseless.

Carti erich maria remarque

Before the vezt, Tjaden was a locksmith. It is the very definition of a enduring masterpiece. Speak to me — take me up — take me, Life of my Youth — you who are care-free, beautiful — receive me again — Images float through my mind, but they do not grip me, they are mere shadows and memories.

I implore them with my eyes: But it is also perhaps the first great ant-war novel.

Paul is a 19 year old German soldier in World War I. But here’s a story about why: I’ve often thought that the life of the average soldier in WWI was probably worse than for any other war in history, and this book describes vividly the horrible suffering. It is powerful and breathtaking.


I see that the keenest brains of remarsue world invent weapons and words to make it yet more refined and enduring. The nightmare that was trench warfare, seeing your friends killed and many times not sure where your next bit of food would come from all leas to disillusionment and eventually that those fighting on the other side were the same bou you.

I was reminded of this quote from Pat Conroy: They had been forced into the army.

His friendship with long-time solider Katczinsky adds moments of warmth as well as sorrow, and the dialogue reamrque between the close-knit group of soldiers is both absorbing and believable, drawing you closer into their world and experiencing their own frustration and disillusionment along with them.

They have wives, children, occupations, and interests, they have a background which is so strong that the war cannot obliterate it. It’s certainly the best-known book about the atrocities of trench warfare in World War I.

I’m suggesting that winners of wars don’t want to be told that their war activities are not worthy of praise.