Why do nearly all the world’s major religions share such similar myths and legends? Erich Von Däniken, author of the runaway international bestseller Chariots. Erich von Däniken has exhaustively researched and analyzed the great world religions, their myths and belief structures, in an effort to find an. Erich von Daniken has exhaustively researched and analyzed the great world religions, their myths and belief structures, in an effort to find an answer to.

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King Mindon therefore had a pagoda erected over each marble tablet. The first book by Deniken I’ve ever read.

From his books two full-length documentary films have been produced: Views Read Edit View history. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Jakub rated it really liked it Aug 21, Everything has developed slowly, constantly, one thing after the other. Fully illustrated with compelling full-color and black-and-white photographs, the book takes us from the jungles of Myanmar, where wefe pagodas point heavenward in the unmistakable shape of spacecraft, to Portugal’s mysterious legend of Fatima and on to the unexplained “landing strips” of Peru and Egypt, offering persuasive evidence that actual living beings inspired the legends that became the basis for many of our religious traditions.

Inasronauts was awarded the Explorers Festival prize. And what is the best evidence out there that is best interpreted as being the product of extraterrestrials as opposed to being of the product of a technologically-advanced human culture in antiquity? The ideas put forth in his books are rejected by a majority of scientists and academics, who categorize his work as pseudohistorypseudoarchaeologyand pseudoscience.

Thanks to all for your participation. Journey into the unknown” The Daily Telegraph29 December Later, he said, a “leading German archaeologist”, dispatched to Ecuador to verify his claims, could not locate Moricz.


Sanskrit scholar Professor Dr Kanjilal cites the following old sources that report on terrible weapons Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The unknown author remarked, thousands of years ago, that he was not doing this out of lack of knowledge, but to avoid misuse. I skimmed rather than read these two chapters.

He is also a convicted felon, having spent time in prison on several counts of fraud and other financial crimes. But just a moment! Two thousand four hundred years had passed since the Buddha’s last appearance, so the tablets had to last for another 2, years. Chariots of the Gods? However, archaeologists see nothing special about the figure, a dead Maya monarch K’inich Janaab’ Pakal wearing traditional Maya hairstyle and jewellery, surrounded by Maya symbols that can be observed in other Maya drawings.

Jan 08, Arquero rated it liked it. He reported seeing mounds of gold, strange statues, and a library containing metal tablets, all of which he considered to be evidence of ancient extraterrestrial visitation.

This controversy is, at the moment, unsolvable. He used the money for foreign travel to research his book. Read this when I was 13 and I was wildly fascinated.

In the case of Enoch, Abraham or Ezekiel and others there is a clear stress on physical appearance; descriptions like smoke, fire, loud noise, metallic feet Ezekiel and wings are all physical. Paperbackpages. We can notify you when this item is back in stock.

Retrieved 18 December Anyway, I’d give the India chapter 4 stars, the bible chapter 3 stars, and the other ones nothing, so whatever, 2. I’ve shelved this as sci-fi, but it wasn’t written that way.

The Gods Were Astronauts: Evidence of the True Identities of the Old ‘Gods’ by Erich von Däniken

Nov 04, David Carr rated it really liked it. According to this teaching, a Buddha will return every 5, years. At a point, von Daniken said, before an audience, that, in his younger years, he had not been as rigorous in his research as he might have been.


The right hand is not handling any rocket controls, but simply making a traditional Maya gesture that other figures in the sides of the lid also make, and is not holding anything.

Kimberly Craft rated it it was amazing May 14, Do you think this contact could be cyclical and therefore we will have direct contact in the future?

Open Preview See a Problem? This enables him to closely examine the phenomena about which he writes. Igor Dimitrijevski rated it it was amazing Dec 28, One, for example, purporting to demonstrate markings of a modern airport, was actually the knee joint of one of the bird figures, and was quite small in size.

So what’s with the one star? First, we have to differentiate between archaeological wers and old holy writings. Really makes me think.

The Gods Were Astronauts: Evidence of the True Identities of the Old ‘Gods’

The thumb-stone of Palenque is absolutely convincing, although archaeology sees it different. Book ratings by Goodreads. Archaeology is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative branch of research, carried out by witty, humorous scientists, for the most part with astrronauts integrity.

His own Sanskrit is a bit subpar, but his conclusions using translations are fair.