Title: The Art of Thinking Author: Ernest Dimnet * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted. Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he.

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Children, plain people, saintly people, artists, all people possessed of a mastering purpose leaving no room for inferior preoccupations, reformers, apostles, leaders or aristocrats of all kinds, strike us by the directness of their intellectual vision. No one can read the book At all events, their descendants are the most social people on the planet. Thoughtfulness, which is the highest form of life, is reconcilable with tussle only in a deep biological sense which is too subtle for this practical book to enter into.

It thinks that I should do my work with perfect happiness if, two hours ago, I had not seen a poor stray cat wandering in the drizzle with two frightened kittens at her side. I once reproached Mr. At an age when impressions are as deep as they are insidious, uneducating education can produce mental parasites which, in time, are apt to result in inferiority complexes, or—a worse evil—can distort our whole outlook on life.

Is this exaggeration never corrected by French teachers? It is remarkable that Rabelais, Montaigne, Locke, Fenelon, Rousseau, as well as most of the numerous educators who appeared during the nineteenth century, are against teachers. These books did for his power of invention what the crowds in the city did for Dickens’s. But the subject of this book is the production, not the guidance of thought, and its every chapter takes it for granted that we are honest in our wish to produce unadulterated thought.

Even the sacrosanct thing called common sense is not enough to intimidate him into conformity. How can such intelligent people put up with such absurdities?

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. You will read a great deal in the bored or incredulous expression; either an inferiority complex is there, working its usual damage, or it has already been kicked out, along with ancient wisdom, by a young barbarian who refuses to be made a fool of.

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Few words, surely, are as spiritual as the word Truth, but when we hear it mentioned, we associate it either with some instance of devotion to truth, or with some particular search which makes us realize the beauty of truth, and, once more, definite contingencies reappear. Withoutabox Thinknig to Film Festivals. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Put enest in writing.

Not one of the possibilities which had seemed so urgent a week before was as much as alluded to.

Ernest Dimnet

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The real result is that four, five or six years of so-called study only leave the impression that “nobody knows Latin; nobody can know it. I have seen an intelligent and even, at tunes, scintillating man deteriorate long before his time, because he used at first to save every brilliant thought coming to him, for a better occasion, and gradually resent even producing such thoughts, as the torpedo-fish may resent discharging his electricity in the conviction that it must exhaust him.

Two men can be supposed, for example, to apply their minds with equal intensity to the question of the origins of the great war. Medieval anonymity is another evidence of the diffusion of talent in those fortunate ages. The same gentleman whom I am sorry to have now made pathetic but he will never go blind may come to the unexpected conclusion: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Just looking for business, society, sporting news will not teach you to think. Even more frequent is the French boy’s delight in reading about a writer’s personal development.

In absolute opposition, French schools turn out young people convinced that nothing, except the attainments of intellect, has much right to respect. Practical simnet in the life of the nation itself are only too visible. Living incarnations of genius the French boy eagerly seeks. Substitute Renan’s or Signor Ferrero’s mental habit of seeing the past as if it were the present, of speaking of the Roman equites in terms of Wall Street, and everything will be clarified in an instant; but the something which differentiated an eques diknet a banker, the spell attached to the distant past, will vanish.


A mixture of good and bad. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Art of Thinking: Ernest Dimnet: : Books

Has it always been so? Charles rated it really liked it Feb 28, Teachers who—quite rightly—pooh-pooh reformers possessed of the foolish notion that a class is something else than an undisciplined young colt, agree, nevertheless, that current methods of teaching are not good. Not one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence would have struck a member of the contemporary English Parliament as unduly young.

One flash through a human brain, and, in spite of a total lack of worldly influence, in spite of the recondite character of the doctrines, in spite of the absence of literary talent, the whole intellectual trend of mankind will be changed for several generations.

Your boys are narrow-chested, eh?

Education in America is still largely an education for pioneers or the sons of pioneers. In fact, you are miles away, and to the questions: We have an idea that thought—as diamonds are wrongly-supposed to do—can exist in a pure state, and is elaborated without images. Theoretically, education is a mental training aiming at greater intellectual elasticity, but the question is whether education does not often strain, instead of train, a mind.

Obsessions or Inferiority Complexes How mental parasites are produced a Imitation and gregariousness b Education 6. Average people react differently. Wikiquote has quotations related to: When a traveller visits the United States for the first time he cannot help noticing a curious phenomenon.

This article about a French writer or poet is a stub. Well, read the philosophers, and tell me if you are much excited, much enlightened, or much impelled to thought by being told that when you see a billiard ball send another rolling, your intellect registers that nothing happens without a cause or without sufficient reason.