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Which of the following can be beaten into thin sheets? In comparison, a silicone [e. Antibiotics, however, are not effective against cold and flu as these are caused by viruses.

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An example of a chemical cleaning agent used to reduce fouling includes an oxidant e. A specification coating may be formulated by selection of coating components to fulfill a set of requirement s e. Others cannot be seen without the help of a microscope. If you wish to know more about fibres and plastics and the products made from them, you may explore the following web sites: Combine Harvest Festivals After three or four months of hard work there comes the day curfsci the harvest.

Which material is used in making a good lightning conductor? For the purposes of preparing and using a proteinaceous molecule as an active anti-biological agent, such as an anti-biological agent used in a material formulation e.

Polio drops given to children are actually a vaccine. If not, you can try it now.

An antimicrobial agent generally comprises about 0. Make a sketch of the human nerve cell. Extended Learning — Activities and Projects.

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Is there a difference in the way metals and non-metals react with acids? What do you observe? Let us try to learn more about forces. What is a Comet? Name the three sep252010 particles. For example, phosphorus is a very reactive non-metal. Coke is used in the manufacture of steel and in the extraction of many metals. These amino acids may aid the binding of a hydrophobic OP compound Benning, M. Match the terms of column I correctly with the phrases given in column II. Ccurrsci sources of irrigation are— wells, tubewells, ponds, lakes, rivers, dams and canals.


In an example, an inn amount of an anti-biological agent may demonstrate an anti-biological activity such as by treating an infestation, preventing infestation, deterring infestation, inhibiting infestation e.

Why do we see only the part of the moon? Microorganisms may be single-celled like bacteria, some algae and protozoa, or multicellular, such as algae and fungi.

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For example, a processing technique curraci comprise contacting a cell with a liquid e. Specific examples of fouling organisms include Achnantes brevipes, Amphiprora paludosa, Amphora coffeaeformis, Enteromorpha intestinalis, Licmophora abbreviate, Nifzschia pusilla, Pseudomonas putrefaciens, Vaginicola sp. Harvesting in our country is either done manually by sickle Fig. A biomolecular composition may function as an additional component to a material formulation [e.

Soil needs replenishment and enrichment through the use of organic manure and fertilisers. Once nitrogen is converted into these usable compounds, it can be utilised by plants from the soil through their root system.

It replenishes the soil with all the nutrients. Examples of a tag include a His-tag, a strep-tag, a flag-tag, a T7-tag, a S-tag, a HSV-tag, a polyarginine-tag, a polycysteine-tag, a polyaspartic acid-tag, a polyphenylalanine-tag, or a combination thereof.

US20110070376A1 – Anti-fouling Paints & Coatings – Google Patents

Collect different types of seeds and put them in small bags. BoxHighway 23, Belle Chasse, La. An example of absorption would be a coating comprising a nitrocellulose polymer absorbedly binding a proteinaceous molecule. Write short notes on the following: Try to separate them into those made from natural fibres and those made from artificial fibres. Let us study more about their harmful activities.


Women had to wait for hours in queues to get a pair. Examples of a biostatic include, for example, a microbiostatic, a germistatic, a herbistatic, a bacteristatic, a fungusstatic, an algastatic, a mildewstatic, a molluskistatic, a slimistatic, a viristatic, or a combination thereof.

The hydropathic index of the iin amino acids are: These activities are listed below. When they grow into plantlets, they are transplanted in the field manually. Repeat the same activity using dilute sulphuric acid instead of the dilute hydrocholoric acid. But now we use modern methods of irrigation. New information about agriculture is eenet through radio, T.

Seeds of a few plants such as paddy are first grown in a nursery. Try to minimise the use of plastic materials e. Selection of Crursci One day I saw my mother put some gram seeds in a vessel and pour some water on them. This limits its usage especially for storage of food. Give examples to show that plastics are noncorrosive in nature.

Housefly is one such carrier. Examples of substitutions of an amino acid side chain to produce a functional equivalent proteinaceous molecule are also known in the art, and may involve a conservative side chain substitution a non-conservative side chain substitution, or a combination thereof, to rationally alter a property of a proteinaceous molecule.