Apgar Familiar Historia En el Dr Gabriel Smilkstein ¿Qué es el Apgar Familiar? Es un cuestionario de 5 preguntas ¿Para que sirve?. % em ansiedade. depressão e APGAR familiar. respectivamente. . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist, in .. Validación de la escala de Zung para depresión en universitarias de. 6 jan. J.C. Gil de MoraisValidade da prova “Apgar familiar” Revista Portuguesa de Clínica Geral. Lisboa (32) R. Paixão, R. OliveiraA Escala instrumental e expressiva do suporte social Smilkstein, Smilkstein, G. ().

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How to cite this article. The reliability was tested through Cronbach’s alpha, the constructed validity was confirmed with an exploratory factorial analysis Varimax rotationand the validity of criterion was seen in the correlation between Family APGAR and the defining characteristics of the nursing diagnoses of “Discontinue family processes”.

No statistically significant average differences were found in the variables ramiliar anxiety, depression and zmilkstein Apgar between the age groups both in women apgat men, which is affirmed with a level of significance of 0, It is suggested to continue with the validation of the measuring instruments that are being used in the UIS Entrance Examination, and then carry out the study of the risk factors associated with the dropout and low academic performance problems of the students, with the purpose of proposing early correctives that promote their permanence in the university and the success in their careers.

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For this reason, this question is eliminated from the Zung Depression Scale for applications in Colombian samples. In regards to the limitations and innovations generated in this study, it is important to emphasize that the performance of interviews at the homes of the elders adduced advantages because it enabled higher smilksgein with the interviewees, as well as the participation of a great number of elders with different family characteristics; and disadvantages, once the presence of other family members during interviews may have possibly influenced the type of answer given to the interviewers.

The discrimination power of the Apyar, Depression and Family Apgar Scales was evidenced through the area under the ROC curve, which were signiicantly higher than 0,5.


The technique of “Hotelling’s t-square” was also applied, which tests the blank hypothesis that all averages from all items are the same. Faniliar is not suggested to modify the questionnaire proposed by Zung to measure anxiety, to be applied in Colombian population with the characteristics described above.

Literature demonstrates that it has been used with families with children, teenagers and elders 58 – Because each com pared group women and men has very large sample sizes, asymptotic normality in Student’s t-statistic was assumed, thanks to the application of the Limit Central Theorem proposed by Lindeberg-Levy Mayorga Alvarez,inding the following results:. Data collection did not pose any medical or psychological risk to students, nor these were invasive procedures or of clinical interven tion Article According to the content, each one of the 18 defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose was associated to one of the domains of the Family APGAR adaptation, partnership, growth, affection or resolve.

Study of internal consistency and factor structure of three versions of the Zung’s rating instrument for anxiety disorders. The scale is structured into 20 affirmations with a Likert-type response scale ranging from never 1 to always 4where questions 5, 9, 13, 17 and 19 are written in inverse sense.

Universidad Industrial de Santander. The majority of the elders Recuperado el 8 de Marzo dede Recuperado el 8 de Marzo dede http: Family Apgar items show an excellent discrimination smilksteinn with respect to the total score, with areas under the ROC curve significantly higher than 0,5, at a significance level of 0,01 See Table 4. The use of this instrument enables the detection of dysfunctions in the family system, permitting the generation of interventions aimed to reestablish the balance of the relationships within this system 2.

This reinforces the idea that when using Family APGAR, it is necessary the support of other instruments, or even other types of professional evaluation to justify and implement effective interventions related to the dynamics of family functioning in a clinical context 67 Furthermore, all apgarr the Statement of Informed Consent. In order to establish the construct validity of the measuring instruments implemented by UIS through Bienestar Universitario for the preventive diagnosis of personality disorders in the newly admitted students, the convergent, divergent and criterion validation of the scales was carried out through the establishment of relationships between the scores obtained in the previously studied instruments, regarding the incidence of disorders such as depression, anxiety, lack of family support, and academic problems.


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To evaluate family functionality, Smilkstein developed the instrument called Family APGAR, which acronym comes from the following domains: Arch Gen Psychiatry12, A bibliographical research performed in an electronic wpgar, which has scientific articles from many countries in Latin America and in the Caribbean, showed that only one Brazilian study performed in the Southeast region of Brazil demonstrated the evaluation of the psychometric proprieties of Family APGAR, but on the other hand, it is not smillkstein that the results were also published in an article 8.

As a consequence, there was no agglutination of answers in one single category. Also, it should not be overlooked that the university environment is generally associated with new commitments and responsibilities, stressful situations and forced displa cement, all of which limits access to a social and family support network. I am satisfied with the way my family and I talk and share apgqr.

However, for a wider intervention planning, it is suggested that other measuring instruments are used simultaneously, in aapgar that the evaluation of all dimensions of family functioning are observed properly. The instrument was designed by William WK Zung inoriginally written in English and later translated into Spanish. Universidad de Manizales, Facultad de medicina, Centro de investigaciones.

Participants The sample consisted of UIS students. La Paz20 1 The factor identified is the offered family support to the elder Table 2. These diagnoses were classified and grouped into anxiety yes or nolevels of depression generalized, smilkstfin, moderate, severe and absenceand family support problems yes or no.