the case with Robin Hood, which was originally meant to be based on a hot screenplay by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris called Nottingham. Robin Hood sprang from an original “hot” script called Nottingham, yet the Nottingham, (which can be read via this site) by Ethan Reiff and. NOTTINGHAM. SWAXRexx by. Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris. FiIst Draft: .. NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER, EXT. SUBURBS OF.

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The only thing that we consciously fictionalized, the one spot where we threw history under the bus of drama was that when Nottingham falls to Richard’s army, we had John there. He was more of an opportunist. One of them died and the other was Robert of Tornham – sometimes known as the sheriff of Cyprus, sometimes known as the justiciar. I can’t imagine better casting for our original screenplay than Russell Crowe.

Eleanor of Aquitaine is a huge figure in rthan European history, certainly in English and French medieval history — this really powerful medieval woman. What are you working on notfingham There is no twist, no mystery.

Ina screenplay from the duo titled Nottinigham was purchased by Universal Studios and producer Brian Grazer in an auction for seven figures. And that plays into your script, where you can do an alternative view of the legend.

While the script had a lot of heat, neither Crowe or Scott now seem to have liked it. Any deep, dramatic alterations there are almost certain to be misguided.


‘Nottingham’: How a hot script became a forgettable film

And also came from a noble background and didn’t really care too much about the people, just cared about his own mercenary self-interest. I still think the final product is very enjoyable and very good. Also, within the broad scope of history, I’m a bit of a medievalist. Although the original premise was discarded by later writers, Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris retain story credit on the Robin Hood movie directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe.

He is a Saxon Nobleman turned outlaw, who Gisbourne blames for a notttingham of killings of Norman nobles, including the two lovers.

Sherlock Holmes in Sherwood Forrest, if you will. He goes on to rail against a studio system that gives big directors free reign for their creative indulgences, rather than firing them. And that’s a long, drawn-out and hashed-up version of the movie that we wrote several years ago.

Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris

We’ve worked together for many, many, many years. The whole thing is a shame, really.

Richard takes the city. Reiff and Voris created the overall arch of the series and scripted four of the entries themselves. But for Ridley Scott, the script — the million-dollar-plus spec nottlngham producers had been crawling over each other to acquire — was the problem.

This was an aspect Ridley Scott dismissed as ridiculous, but reading it it seems quite plausible. I myself tried watching the film and found myself bored out of my mind after just under a half hour. The property being the original Nottingham script, which was purchased by Imagine and will never see the light of day at this point.


Maybe he could bring himself to invest all that in a medieval period piece if it involved someone like Robin Hood. All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. Tangled, ugly and short-sighted, this is the ugly side of movie riff. And the whole thing built to a point where Richard comes back and his army lays siege to Nottingham which is the centre of support for Prince John and his rebellion against his brother, the king.

This site uses cookies. Buy Robin Hood, the novelization of the film, adapted by David B. I realize the mantle has been passed from Robin Hood to robots and from human men to iron men but I hope that we can still get one of these throwback movies at notringham every few years.

The real bummer is that a solid property is now lost to the winds while those who were involved in dismantling it walk away with their expected payday and the suits who let them dismantle it are stuck with the check.

Those are a couple of examples.