ETSI TS 102 796 PDF

This document contains the currently identified and resolved errata to ETSI TS v It is a living document which will be updated. This document contains the currently identified and resolved errata to ETSI TS v It is a living document which will be updated based on experience. ETSI TS (V): “Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV”. [2]. ETSI EN (V): “Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Specification.

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Awareness How does the test center track changes in published specifications and test suite efsi The test material is not for testing or validating devices and such use is prohibited. This version was based on 3 documents.

Issue numbers are included for cross-referencing with errata 4. Membership information about the HbbTV Association can be obtained by contacting info hbbtv.

TS 102 796 – V1.2.1 – Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV

It is suitable for suppliers of complete devices and also suppliers of hardware and software components. This is the original version of HbbTV 1. Registered Test Center will be listed on this website. As well as running on HbbTV 1.


Please note that membership conformation is required prior to registration confirmation. The harmonization of activities aims to enable a more efficient approach for developing OTT services across the industry for manufacturers, broadcasters, content producers and developers to create applications for broadcast and broadband delivery via connected TV or set-top-box using a common HbbTV Specification.

A test reviewer can be a member of either body or botha subcontractor of said member or an approved test material provider. What is their re-test policy? Errata 4 to TS V1. These have now been addressed 769 a better solution included. This document contains a snapshot of the errata to HbbTV 2. Berlin – DAY 2 Morning sessions.

Specifications | HbbTV

Exclusive pricing is offered to members. It is obsolete and should not be used any longer. This fully replaces the former errata 1.

The specifications against which conformance is performed include: This request must be sent to: Facilities Does the test center have all necessary equipment to perform the range of testing required? HbbTV takes security very seriously. Candidate Registered Test Tw must complete a questionnaire which will be made available on request.


It has been replaced by HbbTV 2. This is a version of TS V1. This is errata 1 for HbbTV 1. This is the first version of the HbbTV 2. The application and the content catalogue is designed in a way that it can be easily extended with additional content and DRM systems. Testing Information and Support. Berlin – DAY 2 Afternoon sessions. TS V1.

Issue numbers are included for cross-referencing with errata 2. It is preserved here purely as for the record.

Resource Library | HbbTV

Website designed by FullView Design. It updated the web platform to HTML5 and introduced a number of new features. Hybrid broadcast broadband TV HbbTV is a global 7996 aimed at harmonising the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services to consumers through connected TVs, set-top boxes and multiscreen devices.