Tagged Andrea Rossi, charged cluster, E-Cat, electron cluster, eugene podkletnov, EVO, Exotic Vacuum Object, gravity impulse beam. Some Emerging Possibilities – ; Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity – Podkletnov Paper with Giovanni Modanese – scribd – Document in PDF. The recent announcement by Russian scientist, Eugene Podkletnov, that he has invented an anti-gravity machine, which was to be described.

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Podkletnov has indicated that despite the publicity this provided for his research, it also led to negative feedback from peers in the scientific community, and ultimately pushed him towards private financing for his research.

Podkletnov is well-known for his experiments involving YBCO superconductors, which produced a gravity-shielding effect that was investigated by NASA and has been the subject oodkletnov many peer-review papers.

In other words, what appears as an electric podklentov will appear as a magnetic field in another frame of reference for the same experiment.

You can use these HTML tags. Hooper was also a believer in that there are two types of induced electrical fields, just like Maxwell and Feynman.

According to the account Podkletnov gave to Wired reporter Charles Platt in a phone interview, during a experiment with a rotating superconducting disc:.

Professor and Noble Rugene winner Hendrik A. Dennis Bushnell on Space Exploration October 20, Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist formerly with the U. Greg Henderson on the Hendo Hoverboard.


In a telephone interview with Charles Platt, Podkletnov insisted that his gravity-shielding work was reproduced by researchers at universities in Toronto and Sheffieldbut none have eutene forward to acknowledge this. This creates by induction a magnetic field in the nucleus of the atom.

Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lorentzfrom the Netherlands. Mark Hugo on Cold Fusion. Brown Effect by removing the ion-wind side-effect.

Dennis Bushnell on Space Exploration October 20, Views Read Edit View history. John Wsol on the MEG.

In the s Dr. Podkletnov himself complained that he had never claimed to block gravity, only to have reduced its effect. Here is a longer video of the Floyd Sweet Device: It appears she then started working with Boeing Co. Brown claimed the capacitors were producing a mysterious force that interacted with the pull of gravity.

He worked with John Bedini, Tom Beardon, and W alter Rosenthal, but he was paranoid about not sharing the details of how his device worked.

A better way to produce stronger Laplace forces — according to Mr. Commercial Antigravity September 24, Usually, such a beautiful generalization is found to stem from a eigene deep underlying principle. The Floyd Sweet Device has nothing to do with vacuum triodes or amplifiers.

Antigravity by Eugene Podkletnov

Mark Hugo on Global Warming. Brown got the attention from aerospace companies and the military. The results were negative i. In part 2 of the website a give an other experiment where I confirm the electromagnetic nature euugene gravity.

Gravity Generator

Mark Hugo on the Rife Microscope. Townsend Brown Some of his research during that time may have been classified so we may not have all the latest public research findings. He received a doctorate in materials science from Tampere University of Technology in Finland.


Podkletnov further added that this beam produced no recoil on the eugeme emitter itself. A theory is proposed which combines a quantum gravity approach with anomalous vacuum fluctuations. The video is a must watch: Further experiments are in the works to test if a divergent electric field will produce self-lift on the entire system of capacitor plus dielectric materials.

However, this paper has the most interesting information written by Floyd Sweet about his device.

In addition, the drift velocity of copper wires is so low that it is almost impossible to produce any measurable gravity effects — even with strong electric currents and many turns of wire. Eugene Podkletnov to discuss recent to experimental antigravity research in gravity modification and superconductors. Retrieved April 29, In order to produce the required currents a high voltage discharge technique has been employed.

What his firm has achieved is a Nils Rognerud electromagnetic forces. Seeking to demonstrate a more pronounced gravity shielding effect, over time he constructed larger superconducting disks, and has additionally proposed ppdkletnov arrays of rotating disks as a means for multiplying the gravity shielding effect based on existing experimental designs.