Start planning your Eurail adventure here. You can see the average train travel times between all the big European cities on the train map below. Wherever you . Look up train times and useful information any time, any place with the best Rail Planner App in the market. It even works offline. Look up European trains and their departure times in our timetable and check out our railway map with approximate travel times. You can also download our.

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Unlimited travel on the Paris metro, and more. Unlimited travel means unlimited – you can use 1 train or 20 trains a day, going 10 miles or miles, it doesn’t matter.

Its major cities are relatively close to each other and well connected by train. First, work out what a Eurail pass costs per day as it’ll be easier to see if it’ll save money over the point-to-point prices you see online. Anyone from any country can buy these cheap tickets, it doesn’t matter where you live. Email address Email Address field is required.

European Railway Map

The prices won’t change much! If you are touring Switzerland, definitely compare the costs and benefits of a Swiss Pass with those of a Eurail Pass for Switzerland. Order Buy your Eurail pass online on our passes page. The best resource timetabble finding train times anywhere in Europe for use with a Eurail pass is the excellent German Railways online timetable at www.

Train Times In Europe| Trains Timetable and Travel Times

You can see how to do this in the pictures below. Hotels will almost always look after your bags for free if you need to check out and catch an afternoon or evening train, or if you arrive in the morning before you can check in to your room.


Timetabld Budapest from Munich by RailJet: Yes, I’d like to receive the weekly newsletter with eursil tips and special offers from Eurail. Sometimes, even months before they pack their bags.

Passholder places controlled by quota, see the advice here. If you can book months ahead, a regular advance-purchase ticket booked at www. This replaced the old E forms as from January You can purchase your Pass up to 11 months in advance — just make sure you leave enough time for trainn to get to you before your trip.

You may be given a small timetable booklet with your pass. Good — knowledge is power. I recommend downloading the Railplanner App for your smartphone from www. European Railway Map Your Eurail travel map.

Hostelworld offers online booking of cheap private rooms or dorm beds in backpacker hostels in Paris and most other European cities at rock-bottom prices. The Eurail railway map is a great resource for planning the perfect itinerary.

To Paris by Thalys high-speed trains from Cologne: Some of the features: A ‘1 hour flight’ takes 4 hours. For example, timetalbe don’t cover the Euskotren narrow-gauge local trains in Spain, the Circumvesuviana railway Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento or the Jungfrau line in Switzerland. First, find the trains you want to travel on in the Timetable. Estimate how many train travel days you need to fit in all your destinations, and you’re then ready to choose and order your pass. Wherever you want to go, we’ll help you find your way!


To avoid trains that require seat reservations, remember to tick the box that says “Avoid trains that require reservations”. However, there’s always the risk that you’ll meet a jobsworth, so play safe and fill it in while you’re waiting for the train or as soon as you get on.

Everything you need to know about Eurail |

Saver – for small groups of people who always plan to travel together. You print your own reservation. We all love getting a good deal, right?

Plan timetabl trip in Europe and enjoy anticipating all the sights, sounds, and tastes you’re going to experience! Passholder reservations can easily made at stations using the touch-screen self-service machines, see the step-by-step instructions here.

Eurail train timetable

Email Address is invalid! Decide if you want to travel in up to 30 countries with the Global Pass or focus on exploring a single country with a One Country Pass. They are listed below with instructions on how to find train times: Using a railpass within Belgium is easy, as reservation is not necessary or even possible eeurail Belgian domestic trains, so nothing extra to pay.

Children under 12 travel at half fare – although the child age limit varies by country.