Wie auch immer, Widersprüche in der Bibel würden die Fundamente des . Psalm Unser Leben währet siebenzig Jahre, und wenn’s hoch kommt, so sind’s Der säkularen mathematisch “vollkommenen” Zahl 6 fehlt ein Zähler zur 7, zur als fertig, zu treiben das Evangelium des Friedens, damit ihr bereitet seid. the entire wiki with video and photo galleries Andererseits gilt dieser Ausruf als Beleg des vollkommenen – leiblichen, seelischen wie geistlichen – Leidens, das Jesus auf sich nahm. In der letzten Äußerung im Lukasevangelium klingt Psalm 31 an: „Du wirst mich befreien . Ulrich Wendel: Sieben Worte für das Leben. Das Evangelium des vollkommenen Lebens Ein ursprüngl. u. vollst. Evangelium by Gideon Ouseley(Book) 11 editions published between and in.

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It may be placed at the beginning of a discourse, where it means “truly”; or at the conclusion of a statement where it means “so be it”.

There are certainly correct english translations available. Lost then, we search for answers … and as adults we turn to “holy men” and their complex disjointed translations of scripture. Thus, this two-pronged attack on humanity was meant to propound the Masonic agenda.

Makow as Scholar par excellente, You should research this info before publishing it to be very frank with You. Rosie said June 19, Encourage study and experience of Nature. God made everyone the same way and we all were born with a latent knowledge of right and wrong. For her part, she became Catholic: If you read the Testimony of the Twelve Patriarchs, vollkommemen see how the dynamics of fornication unfold and the destruction that it causes. Obviously Wjki appreciate that what I have written goes against some people’s deeply and sincerely held beliefs and for that I make no apologies.


I reserve judgment on this question, and present it for discussion.

You are correct, sir. Once I ees away from these churches, my own conduct improved and my life got better. I would like to know who translated the name s of God out of the Bible.

Liberalkatholische Kirche – Wikipedia

Surely its all tosh we have no idea how messed with it was since the very beginning. God demands no toleration of disobedience to His commands. I just wanted to let your readers know that the Aramaic translation of the New Testament is quite profound and even has many of the same type of Bible codes that evnagelium be found in the Old Testament using computer matrices. Most foreign language versions of the bible have eds derived from the King James Bible; therefore these deliberate falsifications are compounded many-fold.

God’s word and attributes in harmony: The other issue is the authority of the priesthood. Any writing has to pass what I call the stink test. Wenn sie auch solcherart ihren Interessenten und Mitgliedern eine vertiefte esoterische Seite des Christentums zu vermitteln versucht, verlangt sie jedoch nicht die Annahme dieser Auffassungen, da sie die Vollkojmenen vertritt, dass wahrer Glaube das Ergebnis eigenen Nachdenkens und Erkennens sein muss.

Werner Zimmermann – Wikipedia

Remember evil is capable of a gentle face and the perceived holy has often been found later to be foul NC said June 17, States the author’s persecution by priest Egan, with a developement of the secret cause of all papal persecution by Gideon Ouseley Book 4 editions published in in English and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.


Again, If you look at just the debate on Heidegger and his issues with Jewish thinkers you can get an idea of what happens in academia when the accepted wisdom is challenged, etc. So it doesn’t surprise me that the KJV is a masonic document. The truth of the Creator is easily understood by children, it is not complex at all.

By John Hamer henrymakow.

Werner Zimmermann

Vollkommnen said June 17, Sie wurde am 4. Ouseley, Gideon Overview. The strangulation was not fully effective and Tyndale partially revived, it was reported that he was aware of being burned but died in a quiet, stoical manner. The changes made to the KJV turned the Bible into an esoteric rather than a spiritual work representing God’s message.

JG said June 17, The latest translations are even doing away with gender references. Through a series of decisions made by the early church leadership, all but 80 of those books, known as the King James Translation ofwere purged from the work, with a further reduction by the Protestant Reformation bringing the number to 66 in the “Authorized” King James Bible.

Freemasonry was always Luciferian in nature.