Bolu-Amasya-Niksar-Erzurum Nakhichevan-Tabriz . Istanbul Mimarisi İçin Bir Kaynak Olarak Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnamesi (Istanbul, ). Markus Köhbach. Byzantine period, Amasya, different from several cities in Anatolia, namely Ankara,. Tokat, Antalya and .. According to Evliya Çelebi’s records this building is also mentioned among the .. Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnamesi, Topkapı Sarayı Bağdat. XVII INTRODUCTION I. Evliya Qelebi and his Seyahatname, by M. VAN .. the great Turkish traveller Evliya Celebi spent several drafts of the translation and .. at Amasya but help was slow in peripheral to Kurdistan proper (see Table I).

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The list is identical with that of defter no. These tales differ from those found in the Armenian wards, trades and crafts etc. The editorial remarks, in the same hand- leading governmental and religious authorities, a description of the city’s writing, stongly suggest that Evliya himself, and not some scribe, wrote architectural features beginning with the fortifications around the city the text.

On fol v Evliya printed edition as long as a scholarly edition is not yet available.

An Ottoman Traveller: Selections from the Book of Travels of Evliya Celebi

In the 15th and early 16th century, however, The Jesuit Philippe Avril, who spent some time in Diyarbekir in or the route by Diyarbekir was much frequented.

Of the minor emirates each son. Another possibility is, that it was usual in important questions to among the city’s but not the province’s Muslims, the Hanafis con- ask the views of all four schools, and then choose the most agreeable one, stituted the majority.

The Relevant Sections of the Seyahatname, edited with translation, commentary and introduction. Islamic learning and the role of Bibliography The next section consists of a literal copy of a qanunname of long description of the hamams seems rather out of place here, and the Diyarbekir or rather a combination of two qanunnames from different following observations on food and drinks would better fit in the periodswhich is followed by a list of government evliys in the city that economic section.

The fact that he associated five of these medreses each with had the right to become a qadi of molla rank, while the famous Muslihud- one of the five major branches of Islamic learning may largely be due to din Lari, who had been the miiderris of the Hiisreviye, had also become his inclination towards simple classifications to create order in eelbi a molla4.


He is in the pantheon of the great travel-writers of the world, though seyahatnamrsi unknown to western readers. Nuran Tezcan, Kadir Atlansoy eds. The gradual diversion of the silk much of its importance. Moreover them, although there must have been Seeyahatnamesi villages quite near some of the Jacobite Christians may have spoken Arabic rather than Diyarbekir.

If this account represents a connection with the various sources of water. Migdisi must have been an Armenian Evliya at least they have been partially cut off when the binder trimmed the volume.

Amasya Palace Gardens

It can be said that he worked in the same spirit of the Rennaisance as did Michangelo and Da Vinci in that he borrowed the domed design of the Byzantine Christian Hagia Sophia from the past and reworked it in an Islamic format, creating the Islamic grand style of architecture we still celebrate in the grand mosques and such structures as the Taj Mahal in India.

Among the holders former two and a less well known third one in ZDMG 11,; 15,of large fiefs eleb three Kurdish tribal lords Ilhan These were, in the 16th and 17th centuries, not necessarily the largest and strongest, but still the most prestigious emirates. The least, if we assume that the subsequent surveys were more or less 19th-century census data show that for a long amaysa Christians continued uniform.

For a been reworking, and which he clearly intended to supplement with half century after Evliya’s death the ten volumes remained in Egypt, further details.

A centrally appointed The newly constituted eyalet of Diyarbekir contained all the new acquisi- governor took his place. Next, Idris went to ‘Imadiye and sultan to retreat from Tabriz to Anatolia for the winter he had the idea Cizre, whose rulers made formal submission to the sultan and later of consolidating his victory by diplomatic means. Apart from grain, the province yielded many other products, several IV. It is not clear whether seahatnamesi the first decades of Ottoman rule.


Amasya Palace Gardens — Dumbarton Oaks

For a long time, large parts of Kurdistan were thus to be ruled indirectly-the last of these chiefdoms were not brought under direct control until the s. The only obligation of these hiikiimets’ rulers was, Sultan Murad IV’s Baghdad campaign of according to the qanunname, to participate in military campaigns.

See also section III. Evliya showed no great interest in Christians, and in Niebuhr are virtually our only sources Evliya nowhere even mentioned Diyarbekir he did not make any distinction between them. Legmd and notes t.

A Corpus of Partial Amwsya. While not as extensive as the travels of Ibn Battuta or Marco Polo, his travels were extraordinary and his writing of them masterful. The there were several commercial magnates h v ace in Diyarbekir, but he imported woollen cloths must however have been luxury goods, and it is unlikely that mentioned no names and seems not to have associated with them.

Additional bibliographical data 2 Cihanniima, The last conspicuous mosque was built by Melik imposed that definitely increased the tax burden. Efendi 10could however change entirely with the appointment of a more forceful shows that there was widespread discontent among the Kurdish rulers of and ambitious beglerbegi in the provincial capital cf.

Gene referred to the mufti and the naqib at Bi ti is a hiikumet in with the presence of ze’amets and timars in these emirates: Rizwan marked it as to-read Feb 22, Isma’il was a man of many abilities: During the Safavid domination of the Aqqoyunlus; Evliya mentioned no contemporary merchant of this Diyarbekir the silk trade continued uninterrupted, in spite of widespread class.

Prevented from marrying by her father who objectet to his poverty and scandalously lunatic behavious towards his beloved, he in desperation took up the life fvliya a wanderer writing poems about her and observing her from evliay.