This book by Eli Clare, explores the landscape of disability, class, queerness, and child abuse, telling stories that echo with the sounds of an Oregon logging and. Third Edition of. Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation. A finalist for a ForeWord’s Book of the Year Award. Exile and Pride Cover. Get this from a library! Exile & pride: disability, queerness & liberation. [Eli Clare].

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Your Friends Email Address: Although the author references many co Probably ground-breaking queerrness it was first published, Exile and Pride is nonetheless on the underwhelming side of average. Disability, Queerness, and Liberation. I need to read more books on disability theory, fill in the gaps of experience and learn more about bodies and the construction of ability.

Exile and Pride | Duke University Press

There is so much wonderful depth and vulnerability here. Apr 06, Exil rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: For more information on this and other titles from South End Press, see our disavility page at http: This has been a wonderful, informative read. Sad stories about bodies stolen, bodies no longer here. The descriptions of forests were beautiful, by the way. Part II is excellent. Reviews “Eli Clare’s Exile and Pride.

With this critical tenth-anniversary edition, the groundbreaking publication secures its position as essential to lberation history of queer and disability politics, and, through significant new material that boldly interrogates and advances the original text, to its future as well. If it inspires you to read a novel, see a film, or download an album, we hope you will donate to show your oride.


With heart and hammer, Exile and Pride pries open a window onto a world where our whole selves, in all their complexity, can be realized, loved, and embraced.

This book made me want to approach issues from a different point of view. This book, I feel, was tough and transformative — it has opened my eyes to assumptions and structures queernfss I had never imagined.

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South End Press- Literary Collections – pages. This collection is brilliant. The disabled community is of course no different. It is especially good for a break from denser texts that still maintains genuine weight. A must-read for everyone concerned with social justice.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation!

The power dynamics of sexual abuse, queer communities, activism, and politics. I felt inspired by his refusal to allow any one part of his identity overwhelm any other: To understand the situation that disabled people are in, an able-bodied person needs to hear it from the source.

He lbieration regularly at universities and conferences throughout the United States about disability, queer identities, and social justice, and his writing has appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies. He describes the solace and freedom he felt in urban communities. View additional images and download publicity materials. He has written a book of essays Exile and Pride: And it’s goddamn lonely up there on the mountain. A smart book that is mostly focused on the left wing failures to include the working class.

Good one to teach. Through this intersectional analysis of his life, I sense the notion of refusal to allow any one part of his identity overwhelm any other.

Disability Requests Instructions for requesting an electronic text on behalf of a student with disabiity are available here. However each word is deliberately chosen and tenderly placed on the page. Create a reading list or add to an existing list. Clare quite masterfully connects queerness sexuality, gender with disability.


This book has ljberation lot of very valuable things to say about disability and queerness, but this was one of the things that stood out the most for me.

Much of the rest is on the complication of tangled identities in single people disabled, queer, and working class, etc. His newest work, Brilliant Imperfection: Clare is at his best digging into the muck of identity, politics, and memory, unearthing the contradictions we’d all rather ignore.

Don’t make me write a review, especially one that you’d be reading when you can read the book! As a transgender individual with cerebral palsy, the activist also disbaility the various ways his body has been stolen and abused, and how such abuses can be avoided in the future by a revolution in the way mainstream society views and treats disabled individuals.

Yet, I this supposes a challenge to be in solidarity as an ally to those struggling for self-determination. ahd

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation

He has walked across the United States for peace, helped organize the first-ever Queerness and Disability Conference, and speaks widely about disability, queer identities, and social justice. Here he embraces the identities that helped exile him from home, and weaves an argument against that prode.

This is such a powerful, important book.