“Here to Help” is a support column written especially for Formstack’s awesome, loyal customers. So you’ve created a form with the Formstack. Watch how to manage form data and export or share it within the Formstack application. Formstack’s Advanced PDFs tool lets you personalize the look of your exported PDFs, customize shown fields, and easily share edited files with others.

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Thank you for leaving us a review! Vendor Response by Formstack on March 14, We love to see happy clients and appreciate the great review.

He needs a way to take form data and place it in line into a template using XML with any uploaded items as photos, images etc placed in the document using the url of the image and formatted using html. Formstack has been great to integrate all of our company’s internal forms. Customer service is friendly and timely with responses in emails and over the phone Easy to setup and add integrations for 3rd party products Good interface for customizing confirmation and notification settings.

Very user-friendly and expoft to create forms and eexport as you wish. The forms don’t look as modern as expport form creation products.

Migrating form data from FormStack « Gravity Support Forums

It’s now pretty seamless but it shouldn’t have taken that many resources for a simple form-to-opportunity functionality. Please feel free to send any app recommendations here: Formstack allows us to automate our workflows and collect data in an organized way.

I wish I could tell a different story, but unfortunately, we had a terrible experience with the software and the “support” team. Without knowing which CRM you are using, you can always reach out to our excellent Support team if you should need some additional help by submitting a support ticket here: I sent your review over to our Director of Customer Care.


Migrating form data from FormStack

Ease of use; Ability to change quickly and in realtime; Mobile functionality; Reporting able to generate multiple formats. Also, have approval settings is a great added bonus.

We contacted support, and instead of being helpful, they blamed it on the browser when we had tried all possible browsers IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and even Edge and were able to replicate the issue on all of them.

Easy way to get feedback that is needed from customers. I then had the same issues with Paypal. Recommendations to other buyers: They have more sensitive information security which is good. Can’t seem to change design of submission pages add logos etc to make it a nice document to add into reports when needed Overall: Can it be done with an XML file? Then they said it was because we were using a VPN which we were not.

Training a staff member on how to build their own forms only takes a few minutes and they get the basics and are off to formstsck races with their work quickly. We are thrilled that you love using Formstack! Here are some forrmstack that may help: Vendor Response by Formstack on November 28, Thank you, Susanna for taking the time to leave Formstack a great review!

Overall I’m pretty happy and I make it work for my needs, but I am on the prowl for other solutions. We are continually striving to make our product better, so if you ever have any recommendations, please add them to our Ideas site here: Posted 8 years ago on Friday August 20, Permalink. Been using Formstack for several years now and I’m overall satisfied with the product. I can set it and forget it.

Formstack Reviews and Pricing –

exportt Simple and effective survey tool. She had a meeting with all of the support team leads to go over your experience. It’s also hard to people to change their registration i. I explained to Support that these things weren’t helping but it was as if they had amnesia and didn’t remember they had already suggested the same things, which didn’t work.


Formstack + WP All Export Pro Integrations

Easy to use and flexible. Using the conditional logic, you can create automatic responses based on what they select or where they are located, or whatever variable is important in your business that include additional information — links to videos, documents, whatever — instead of having to pay someone to follow up with each contact individually.

Formstack is pretty reliable. Form got deactivated poor notice. Average Ratings 44 Reviews 4.

For all the exporrt we get out of it, Formstack is a bargain. There’s not an easy way to connect Formstack data to our CRM platform. Recreational Facilities and Services, employees. We’ve had no issues with the too or support whatsoever. If have any issues with that moving forward, please reach out to our Support team.

You can’t send emails to all registrants, you can hook up to a third party emailer, but that doesn’t work for me with my emailer.

Good for the price, but lacking in integration with Salesforce. Now we see a ot with each of our forms, but we don’t feel like we’re getting the value we used to get through this update. We’re happy with Formstack’s functionality, however we’re not a big fan of their updated Dashboard in the platform.