The FAA MedXPress system allows anyone requesting an FAA Medical Clearance or Medical Certificate to electronically complete an application. Information. The information on the attached FAA Form , Application For Airman Medical Certificate or Airman Medical and. Student Pilot Certificate, is solicited under. Please note that the FAA’s official forms page can be found by clicking this hyperlink: REPORT OF EYE EVALUATION ver ยท FAA Form GG Edition.

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Pure tone audiometric test: Applications for medical certification that are collected by FAA MedXPress are deleted after 60 days under the following circumstances: Applications for medical certification that are collected by FAA MedXPress are deleted after 60 days under the following circumstances:. Once the policies, practices, and procedures are developed, they must be implemented. Implement the policies, practices, and procedures.

Due to changes in technology, personnel, and other aspects of any program, effective privacy management requires that technology and information be available to the privacy management team to ensure that privacy policies, practices, and procedures continue to reflect actual practices. Sessions are expired after a set period of time. Forgotten passwords are reset by random generator.

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This system is covered by System of Records Notice: Medical clearance of air traffic control specialist and other FAA employees required to meet medical standards to perform safety-sensitive duties; pilot medical certification.

FAA utilizes a privacy management process 800-8 upon a methodology that has been developed and implemented in leading companies around the country and globally.

System generated passwords expire upon initial use.

When there is a need to correct information provided or omitted during a previous FAA medical applications it is essential that the actions are taken will assure safety and provide the greatest possible protection from adverse FAA action. In addition, the FAA MedXPress Web site provides notice to all applicants via a privacy policy that contains all the protections and advisories required by the E-Government Act, as well as terms of use documentation.


Assess the current privacy environment. The following safeguards also apply: Unaided, with thresholds no worse than: No ear disease or condition manifested by, or that may reasonably be expected to be manifested by, vertigo or a disturbance of speech or equilibrium.

Minimum length of passwords is eight characters. User sessions expire after a set period of time. Passwords may only be reused after 13 iterations. HEARING Demonstrate hearing of an average conversational voice in a quiet room, using both ears at 6 feet, with the back turned to the examiner OR pass one of the audiometric tests below or: Audiometric speech discrimination test: The following matrix describes the levels of access and safeguards around each of these roles as they pertain to PII.

Regular monitoring of compliance with privacy policies, practices, and procedures is required.

Maintain policies, practices, and procedures. Some forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Establish priority, authority, and responsibility.

FAA medical standards, protocols & forms | Pilot Medical Solutions –

No diagnosis of psychosis, or bipolar disorder, or severe personality disorders. Name; Social Security Number; Date of Birth; Home Mailing Address; Home Phone Number; E-mail Address; Medical Fprm this includes all medical history information, such as medications being taken and previous medical visits, that is supplied by the applicant and used by the AME to determine eligibility for a medical clearance.

Vehicle Rules and Safety. Wednesday, February 18, How to complete and correct the FAA Medical Application FAA medical certification applications are always at the forefront of discussions concerning pilot arrests and actions by the FAA against pilots and air traffic controllers.

Regulating civil aviation to promote safety; encouraging and developing civil aeronautics, 8500-8 new aviation technology; developing and operating a system of air traffic control and navigation for both civil and military aircraft; researching and developing the National Airspace System and civil aeronautics; developing and carrying out programs to control aircraft noise and other environmental effects of civil aviation; and regulating U. The protection of applicant privacy is a priority for FAA.


The following electronic access safeguards are also in effect:. It is the responsibility of the AME to ensure that all data submitted by the applicant are complete and correct.

The following electronic access safeguards are also in effect: FAA is responsible for:. Current Notices To Airmen. Trucking and Motorcoaches FRA: Used to determine cardiac system status and responsiveness.

This is a precarious process for which pilots, controllers, employers and unions seek guidance.

Upon registering with and logging into FAA MedXPress, applicants are able to provide consent to dorm terms of use by checking an appropriate box and submitting a form.

Pilot Medical Solutions provides guidelines to preserve FAA medical certification and encourage safe disclosure of information. The methodology is based upon the following: The privacy management team develops policy or policies, practices, and procedures to ensure compliance with fair information practices.

FAA MedXPress

This step involves the development and implementation of an effective redress and audit system to ensure that any complaints are effectively addressed and corrections made if necessary. Passwords must be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

FAA MedXPress applies DOT security standards, including, but not limited to, routine scans and monitoring, back-up activities, and background security fax of those FAA employees and contractor employees who have access to the data.

The FAA MedXPress application consists of an account creation and user authentication module, an electronic Form entry module, and an email notification module. The methodology is based upon the following:. This involves interviews with key individuals involved in the FAA MedXPress system to ensure that privacy risks are identified and documented.

Pilot Medical Solutions is in constant communication with the FAA to assure career jeopardizing choices are clearly understood by pilots and air traffic controllers.