BILL DISCOUNTING. Objectives. After reading this unit, you will be able to: explain the meaning and scope of Factoring, Forfaiting and Bill Discounting. through book debt financing. In coming chapter we are going to get information on three types of book debt financing viz. Bill Discounting, Factoring &. Forfeiting. Forfaiting (note the spelling) is the purchase of an exporter’s receivables – the amount that the importer owes the exporter – at a discount by paying cash.

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Debts purchased for factoring cannot be rediscounted, they can only be refinanced. The Commercial Finance Association is the leading trade association of the asset-based lending and factoring industries. Accounts receivable financing is a term more accurately used to describe a form of asset based lending against accounts receivable.

Differences Between Invoice Discounting and Factoring | Touch Financial

This was driven by changes in the organization of companies; technology, particularly air travel and non-face-to-face communications technologies starting with the telegraphfollowed by the telephone and then computers. Now it is seller’s bank responsibility to send documents and bill of exchange to buyer’s bank for onward forwarding to the buyer for the acceptance and the buyer finally, accepts bill of exchange drawn by the seller on buyer’s bank because he has opened that Factoging.

First of all discountig bank satisfies himself regarding the credibility of the drawer, before advancing money. There are major industries which stand out in the factoring industry which are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The web has also made it possible for factors and their clients to collaborate in real time on collections.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In the latter half of the twentieth century the introduction of computers eased the accounting burdens of factors and then small firms. However, the construction industry has features that are risky for factiring companies. Archived from the original on 14 March Forfaitinb you are considering Factoring and Invoice Discounting, why not speak to an impartial expert at Touch Financial about how this form of finance could benefit your business? Discounting bill terminology is fogfaiting for this purpose.

Another area of concern is when the cost of invoice factoring is calculated.

You Might Also Like: Today credit information and insurance coverage are instantly available online. If your business is relatively small and your discoujting resources limited, the credit control and collection service that comes with Factoring is likely to suit you better. Although today even they are outsourcing forfqiting back-office functions.

More importantly, the services insure the entrepreneurs and owners against a major source of a liquidity crises and their equity. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In this situation, the business must balance the cost of obtaining cash proceeds from a factor against the opportunity cost of the losing the Rate of Return it earns on investment within its business.

One more difference between the factoring and invoice discounting is that in case of factoring the seller assigns all receivables of a certain buyer s to the factor whereas in invoice discounting the borrower the seller assigns a receivable balance, not specific invoices.

Factoring (finance)

The problem faced by the business in deciding the size of the cash balance it wants to maintain on hand is similar to the decision it faces when it decides how much physical inventory it should maintain. Bill Discounting and Factoring are two types of short-term finance through which the financial requirements of a company can be fulfilled quickly.


Commission advances work the same way as factoring but are done with licensed real estate agents on their pending and future real estate commissions. In contrast to factoring which is not covered under any act. Hence, fwctoring customers are never aware that a third party is involved or that your business might be having cashflow problems.

The factor gives maximum part of the amount as advance anr the transaction takes place and the remaining amount at the time of settlement. Managerial finance Financial accounting Management accounting Mergers and acquisitions Balance sheet analysis Business plan Corporate action.

Seller discounts that bill of exchange with the bank and gets money. The discount on the bill of exchange will be based on the remaining time for its maturity and the risk involved in it. Introduction of the Internet and the web has accelerated the process while reducing costs.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These differences can affect the cost of the facility, the approach the factor takes when collecting credit, the administration services included in the facility and the maximum size of invoices which can be factored. Business startups — flexible start-up finance to get your new company off the ground.