FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael . words of the second draft: “Fade In” and wonder what the hell I’m going to. “Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection”. Got an email from The Bitter Script Reader: Hey Scott, I tweeted about this, but I think this might. TrekCore yesterday released a precious gift – an unfinished draft of Michael Piller’s never-released book about the creation of Star Trek.

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Mostly grand but sure you know yourself However, it does not reflect any dissatisfaction that I had with the final product.

If you’re interested in the process of screenwriting or b An interesting look at the creation of a movie from the perspective of the writer. As I said, it’s on the Internet, but I’m hoping I can add some special things to it and make it I particularly like this note from Patrick Stewart: I’m sure Michael’s turning red somewhere with a shy and grateful face at being such a big part of something so special to so many.

Fade In: The Making of Star Trek Insurrection | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Even more so today. The level that examines what’s going on inside the characters — their moral and ethical dilemmas, their doubts, fears, inner conflicts, how they change as the story progresses. So the Gatwick drones frek have been sightings of police drones looking for the other drones R4 Today. One secret I just remembered might help you understand If you’re interested in the process of screenwriting or behind the scenes info I’d definitely look this book up.

Piller’s behind the scenes stuff is really cool and the early story treatments and scripts, the established script parts drag a bit as we know the movie and we get it.

ChristopherSep 19, He tells us how he arrived at the story, through many revisions and suggestions, sculpting the words into a final version.

These are the things that make us, as members of ineurrection audience, get emotionally involved. He had helped his university, UNC, develop a program to help more students be prepared for the real writer’s world, and this was another way he could teach by example.


Fade In: From Idea to Final Draft – The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection (1999) – Michael Piller

wriing Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The reason for this is its author. Apr 5, Location: It shows us this very complex, and often painful process of the voyage from the idea to the screen, and gives us a tantalizing glimpse what Insurrection could be, if author was given more creative freedoms I agree with hte lot of cuts Piller walks us through, but the imagination fires at the roads not taken, and once the imagination gets started, those creative juices get flowing, and there are stories to tell….

Michael Piller describes the process of writing Star Trek: Why should we care? Piller wrote the book years before, and some fans found copies of it online, but it was never officially published Being able to view the drastic changes in story and the forces pushing the creative process along is a treat for the typical movie goer and an inspiration for aspiring writers.

We’ve had it all. And for the most part, we met those goals. But now, finally, something else he left behind is seeing the light of day Corran HornSep 20, Matthew Rushing rated it really liked it Feb 01, I’m not sure I’d be as big a Trekkie as I am without Piller’s influence on the franchise. Writer Michael Piller and producer Rick Berman sat down, hammered out a couple of ideas, as well as some arcs for Picard Patrick Stewart and Data Brent Spineras well as the need for some action beats.

The goals of this particular film were quite different from the ones that preceded it. Sometimes it has to fit page restrictions, or match someone else’s sensibilities, but if it is to go forward there have to be compromises.

Inwith the franchise basking in the success of First Contact, Star Trek producer Rick Berman called upon his old friend and colleague Michael Piller to write the next installment of the franchise. Why was it important to him to get it all down on paper for people to read? I’m a bit of a Trekkie and I’ve always had an interest in the production side of films and TV so this is like catnip for me. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Your name or email address: All these years later, we get the sense that people appreciate it more than they did at the time. Aug 13, Jared rated it liked it. Other movie fans may appreciate the insight into franchise filmmaking.

Star Trek Insurrection: How Michael Piller Wrote it

In fact, the executives come off as the true heroes of the book! An interesting look at the creation of a movie from the perspective of the writer. See 1 question about Fade In….

Books by Michael Piller. And one thing I like about the second draft is that the aliens were basically tied to the planet.

I was — and still am — very interested in television production. Though I have seen some people pan this book in their personal reviews because it is not a “tell-all” about the behind-the-scenes tensions and personality conflicts, or a mea culpa for why the film was not amazingly successful, I simply want to say this: The Making of Star Trek: Quotes from Fade In: It plays like an episode of Trekbut on the big screen.

He was amazed by that. And to make matters worse, this book thd was boycotted by the studio for obvious reasonsand Piller died too early innot being able to see his book reaching the readers. Sooner or later, something will resonate.

They were bonded at the core. Oct 30, Pierre A Renaud marked it as to-read Shelves: