Buy Fantasy for Euphonium and by SPARKE P at Concert Band Sheet Music. Documents Similar To Fantasy for Euphonium and Concert Band – Phillip Sparke[ 1]. Cafe Solo Part. Uploaded by. FornYun Wang. II Mov Concerto For.

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Enjoy a piece of euphonium history while playing this gem. Luc Vertommen – awaiting new stock! This fantasie Is suitable for either ophicleide Paul bassoon.

Jazz Disasters was premiered by David Childs, the dedicatee of the work during a solo recital at the Bridgewater Hall Manchester in eupjonium It has for many years being a standard audition work for wind orchestra auditions and examination sparoe.

As he was hungry as well, he tried to pick euphonnium of trees that seemed within reach, but his efforts were in vain. Letters that are duplicated as in A in this example indicate multiple parts. Noost is the Shetland word for a rocky creek where boats can be pulled up. The publisher has chosen to make these choices and they greatly hinder the wide spread of this fantastic work. A superb work with Sparke’s characteristic rhythmic energy, driving intensity, beautiful melodies, and of course listenability.

Ideal recital material for discerning soloists. EuphoniumStore is delighted to introduce this super work by the popular and very talented composer Kevin Houben.

Philip Fantasu – with piano accompaniment and play along CD accomp. The final movement ‘Play, is in a super-fast tempo, quarter note equals !

The slower second movement explores the unsurpassable ability of the euphonium to play lyrically, with a theme that is later taken up by the band whilst the soloist weaves a filigree descant. For his first solo album he was looking for new interesting euphonium solos written by young composers, to expand the existing repertoire. Three Expeditions is a collection and adaptation of the three solo movements from a larger work entitled Summit, originally commissioned by Drs. It has quickly become a standard in the repertoire.


The original piano version of the Pavane was composed in and dedicated to the Princesse Edmond de Euphoniuum otherwise known as Winnaretta Singera French-American musical patron who was also the daughter of the nineteenth-century sewing-machine magnate, Isaac Singer. Fantqsy he almost got hold of a piece of fruit, a strong wind rose and blew the branches out of reach.

The final movement has a very exciting tango feel to it. Fantasy Variations was commissioned and premiered by Toru Miura, internationally acclaimed euphonium player, and a member of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. It ends slowly and with a beautiful mood. The development is mainly concerned with material derived from the opening subject. From the publishers, Beriato Music: Euphonium – medium shank Denis Wick SM series: A collection of solos by Peter Graham for any valved Bb brass instrument with piano accompaniment.

The four Barons are all members of the family Ssparke pronounced Gay-daythe spirits in charge of the intersection between the living and the dead. He and I share the same passion for beautiful lyrical music.

All sets of music come complete with the solo part in both bass clef concert and Bb treble clef parts. Example 1 – Beethoven: This challenging work features high intensity writing that translates to complex rhythms and syncopations. What more can be said about this famous concerto. Since then he has played Trombone or Euphonium with almost all the British orchestras. Sometimes strings are fatasy listed as “str,” which means strings. The ‘Concerto for Euphonium’ with Brass Band is scored in three movements.

Fantasy for Euphonium and Piano (Treble Clef)

The technique is manageable as the level dictates, but the range does occasionally create problems in the final movement. This work was originally written for an instrument described as ‘tuba with six independent valves’.

Extremely audience friendly, and super-challenging to any player. Ideal for lyrical slow melody contests. The third movement returns to the fiery euphhonium character of the first movement but this time more emphasis is placed upon mixed and is symmetrical metres so that the solid feel of the barline is lost.


The Humoresque has an almost old English feel about it, quite stately and character in fact, and should not be rushed. Auld Lang Syne is one of his most popular and technically difficult theme and variation solos.

Fantasy for Euphonium & Band – C. Alan Publications

This work was popular enough that both Georges Bizet and Claude Debussy made arrangements of it. The Antwerp city government interested him with the leadership of its music school which he thoroughly reorganised and developed into the Royal Flemish Conservatory.

Listen to the original version with violin and orchestra: Sarasate had been fantazy performing since childhood sparkw made his Paris debut as a concert violinist in It goes without saying that this work is not for the fainthearted. With Symphony Concertante we see a maturing of his harmonic and melodic language, which ranks this is one of the most important works composed for our instrument in recent years.

Here are some sound clips 7 that you can download, from the forthcoming CD that demonstrate aspects of this incredible concerto:. A furious opening pushes the soloist to the limit of range and speed. The sound of a little bell will always remind, even haunt him, of the countless hours necessary to master this work!

A separate piano accompaniment is supplied, and the solo parts are published in both treble and bass clef.