A Firearms Transaction Record, or Form , is a form promulgated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in the United States . During in-store FFL compliance review, the reviewing consultants are often asked about tips to successfully and consistently completing the ATF Form , . A deep dive into the top three most common ATF Form mistakes and how to avoid them. Eliminate FFL ATF errors – Get free online.

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Question 29 Formerly Question Larry, I call BS on you. The same as for other topics, I first get informed about and issue before talking.

Such information is either there, or it is not there. Start a war on Alcohol because it kills and ruins lives every day. There appears to be a lot of talk from people who know nothing about the subject.

Records prove that a number of the founding fathers were cannabis users. Provides instructions for completing the form when a transaction was denied and later overturned. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to comply with a collection of information that is subject to this chapter if— i. You are money hungry and trying to protect the rights we have.

ATF Form – Firearms Licensing And Consulting Group, LLC

One thing no one has mentioned is that if you have medications or medical marijuana, prescribed by a dr, then you do NOT have it unlawfully!! Should you require additional forms, please contact the ATF Distribution Center by telephone at or One way to keep the government honest is to keep it ignorant about what firearms that you might own.


Neil, sorry, you are incorrect. Of course my awakening occurred in when the light bulb went off and I got the hell out of California. Since madmen and women who kill people singly or in groups are not tested for a lot of things that are legal there is no way to tell that a killer drank a lot caffeine or ate 4 dozen donuts or 4 pounds of chocolate before murdering people.

I have a C. The departments responsible for the background checks have only 3 working days to find something to deny USA citizens their inalienable right to purchase a firearm.

4473 Part 1— Firearms Transaction Record Over-The-Counter (ATF Form 5300.9)

The person could be prosecuted likely WOULD be prosecuted even if other evidence proved a shooting was justified. I have personally drank a pot of coffee working night shift for years when I was working those hours and I never went into a homicidal raged or even harmed, much less verbally attacked anyone else.

Constitution, with un-elected bureaucrats making law!

Wrong sir I can still go to a gun show or person to person sale. None of these freedoms are absolute, nor have they ever been. You sir sound exactly like the politicians and media that use fear and intimidation to try and subvert the 2nd Amendment. Amen to that Vet. Seems like the least of our problems. When will the prices come down so ordinary people can afford a firearm again I used to buy a Steel CZ75B for Clarifies that a NICS check is not required if the individual receiving the firearm was subject to a background check as part of the NFA approval process.

I disagree with your assessment that prefers a marijuana user over a legally prescribed narcotic patient. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Consider the following scenario. They would not, in most cases, represent any greater danger to you than anyone else on the line, and probably less danger than a newbie with a gun.


However, there are only two conditions that should be checked before a person can purchase a firearm.

Some of the Mid Frm states are becoming just as frm. It is critical for FFLs to understand the ATF and ensure that it is accurately executed when firearms are transferred to a non-licensee. This age old problem just keeps getting gorm. Instruction for Question Instruction for Question 2: They get a recommendation so they can buy it from a dispensary rather than from some shady dude in a parking lot.

Check out the real facts on medical marijuana on Google https: It would have taken Congress to pass it…. No one in Ffo has a perscription for marijuana. That shit is hippa protected! This is documented medical fact, so it does have bad effects on health. Instruction for Questions I am very glad they are standing fast on to this law. If illegals are the worry, then the federal government needs to step up, do its job and enforce immigration law. If they are not citizens, then they lied on the The problem is twofold.

In your state, if it is illegal to be at the range while drunk, then it would be illegal to be there while high too.

In my opinion, pot gets the nod for being the worse of the two. So if private sales without a background check are ffo there, buy your gun privately.

You need help BAD.

Section A Question 1: