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Pudovkin’s Montage: 5 Editing Techniques That Speak Louder Than Words

Film is collaborative and every step along the way is the most important at that moment. A crucial moment was the smuggling into Russia of a print of DW Griffiths’s Phdovkinthe most brilliantly edited early Hollywood film. Woody Allen is incompetent? Thanks for book tip, I never heard about it before!

Films directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin. Then it stops and slowly moves upwards for pudlvkin least four storeys until it is filming the flagged body from above a building.

To make good pictures they had to do intense planning beforehand. Depending on the creativity of the editor and the creative freedom granted to the editor, she can be a pivotal force in shaping the film in a way that seduces the viewer into an amazing experience of imagination, belief, and wonder.


David W Brown rated it it was amazing Mar 18, I think that you are mixing things up The initial cut was 2 hours 20 minutes long and the test screenings were not favorable.

Vsevolod Pudovkin

Pudovkin is more lyrical. Persevere I guess, but on my guard The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. The last two were often praised as some of the best movies based on Russian history, along with the works of Sergei Eisenstein. You can download the PDF for free here.

Arguing about who came up with the idea of the edit is like kindergartners arguing about whose dad can beat up whose. I’ve cut 7 feature films and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is this. These emotional effects have since become film’s basic vocabulary, but you can see them here for the first time. No twchnique or quizzes yet.

Pudovkin’s most ambitious montage, later in the film, has few equals in any cinema. The Russians adored editing. Vsevolod Illarionovich Pudovkin was a Russian and Soviet film director, screenwriter and actor who developed influential theories of montage.


Share your thoughts in the comments. Going back to Eisenstein, montage gave the audience an emotional cue to react to.

Vsevolod Pudovkin – Wikipedia

The key with editing is to appreciate all types. This hasn’t been my experience with the scripts I’ve read. Were the audience members surveyed anonymously, or interviewed one-on-one, or interviewed as a group? This is they are called “movies”.

Pudovkin in Italy in I find that books from the dawn of cinema to be much more interesting and challenging than more modern texts. To see what your friends thought of this folm, please sign up. In the Name of the Fatherland. The article was about the technique. Did he report the impressions that most closely matched his own opinion and ignore impressions that dissented from his own opinion?

There are countless times when film editors contribute greatly to the overall impact of a movie.