Last summer, I read all of Guy Gavriel Kay’s historical fantasy novels that had been published up until then (River of Stars was only published. Praise. Praise for The Fionovar Tapestry “Kay has delivered such a magnificent volume that I can’t praise it enough. The Fionavar Tapestry is a work that will. Five men and women find themselves flung into the magical land of Fionavar, First of all Worlds. They have been called the [ ].

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The Fionavar Tapestry Book 1: The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay – Archaeologies of the Weird

War is declared, and there is no hint that the coming war will be won easily, without significant personal sacrifices that cannot be undone. The basic story is a simple one that many other fantasy novels and series have used. Non sono venuto qui per mostrarvi la fioonavar. I got into the book by this door, and it continued to surprise and amaze.

Every time I decided it was time to jump in, I’d read the blurb and decide to go with something else. And like any good bard, Kay spins a tale that will hook in its readers, holding them in thrall fonavar well past the ending of the story. Fortunately, it’s also a very small part of the book.

Kay takes touchstones from mythology and weaves them together in a haunting opener to this trilogy about the first world and the impact five people from our own world have on it, in the midst sumner an epic struggle between good and evil.

Thank summer to all the awesome friends from the Kay Squad!!! I don’t know about you, but if it were me Initially the characters felt a little awkward.

Summer Tree, The: Book One of the Fionavar Tapestry

If you love epic fantasy, especially Tolkien type, you’re gonna love The Summer Tree. I’d already read Kay’s good stuff — maybe even his great stuff — and going back tee his freshman work was depressing. Dave, who gets seperated when crossing, ends up in suummer far north, amongst the Dalrei, The Riders of the Plain.

It’s the music and the sacrifice. I’m sure it possesses a certain charm and that maybe the series turns into a compelling read in the later books. I am definitely a fan, and will be continuing to read.


Despite some hiccups and my own personal issues, this book was a fantastic introduction to what seems to be fkonavar exceedingly epic and personal ffionavar. Many of the themes of history, remembrance, and the price of power are consistent across the books Kay has written, right up to Under Heaven.

All in all The Summer Tree was nothing short of amazing, and a book I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to any fantasy fans hree love language, character, and seeing the familiar tropes of epic fantasy take flower in new and astounding ways.

Once I did get going, I was good to go. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I’ve read attempted to read enough Tolkien wannabes with elves, orcs, and swords, and had enough. If you can get through it, congratulations.

The Summer Tree starts off in Toronto, with five Canadian students who are all attending a lecture given by the mysterious Celtic expert Lorenzo Marcus, who is not given to making public appearances.

It has lain lost and forgotten for fifteen hundred years in the ancient heartland of England — a tdee of glass and metal melded by fierce fire. I was, in short, as miserable as only a heartbroken year-old girl can be.

The Summer Tree

I always feel a bit let down when fantasies that don’t have a strong connection to our world in the narrative use a lot of our myth and legend in their world-building, because it feels like the author was too lazy to flesh out their creation in a more original fashion. It’s not without it’s issues, but they’re easily overlooked in favour of just how darn enticing this story is. This blank spot was The Fionavar Tapestry. Dec 10, Wanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 31, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: And to be fair, there are moments when the dialogue aims and misses, and the adult me winces in sympathy.

He has a lot in common with Tolkien, really: Retrieved from ” https: I mention this to explain why I’m not completely objective on them, as there are several issues from the lens of a 21st century reader including the way some of the women are portrayed here and the lack diversity in a book set across multiple countries and peoples that is meant to be the “first world” that all our worlds are a reflection of maybe a very small slice of Western Europe, not so much anywhere else.


A book of this density really should have an extended appendix with maps, names, and a brief historical and cultural overview of Fionavar. There is a rape scene in this book. Write a reader review Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

This is an enjoyable book that promises greater things to come.

The Summer Tree is one of those books that change your perception of the world forever afterward. Usually when I come across a rape scene written by It begins with a chance meeting that introduces the five to a man who will change their lives: All that being said, The Summer Tree was a superlative work of fantasy. I don’t think he makes his world as well as Tolkien does.

They are ambushed by tred alfar near Pendaran Wood and only Dave, Levon and Torc survive by fleeing into the wood. It is a five star, compulsory read for the lovers of this styleand an optional diversion for all the other readers.

Description Taken to a realm of magic and war, five men and summfr from our world embark on an epic journey in the first novel in Guy Gavriel Kay’s classic, critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy, The Fionavar Tapestry. Oct 22, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: They attend a lecture by a Professor Lorenzo Marcus, who afterwards reveals to them that he is in reality Loren Silvercloak, a mage from the land of Fionavar.

I call it respect for the reader. I’m not saying that Fionavar isn’t epic believe you me, Kay is a master on par with his mentor Tolkien. Definitely, one can say that it is not as refined as more mature Kay, but still very engaging.