Ajmal Kasab is exhibit A in the case against the country of his birth. What little is known about Kasab (the name literally means butcher), beyond. Ajmal Kasab wali video aap ny dekhi hoga jis mein us ko woh Sikh bata He talked about how a fitna of Zaid hamid is endangering Islam. advanced from Kasab to the mediter- ranean in Yousuf Basil and Tim Hume, “ In Syria,. Dozens guing that it would lead to fitna taifiyya.

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The Islamist coalition left a lasting impression, however, by committing numerous atrocities against the Alawite civilian population.

However, it is worth mentioning here that Sohail never allowed his own sister and mother to meet Yusuf. Particular significance is attached to reaching or capturing Assad’s ancestral village of al-Qardaha – something that was also underlined in the offensive launched last summer – but both then as now, that goal is unlikely to be reached, apart from the occasional mortar and rocket falling on the area.

These outrageous statistics may be one of the reasons the documentary was banned from the mainstream media. The organization quickly developed its own command structure with Chechens dominating its upper ranks. While one can easily be inclined to dismiss routine regime claims of a foreign conspiracy, there is no doubt that in common with the failed summer offensive, the ongoing battale in Latakia is being spearheaded on the rebel side by muhajireen ‘foreign fighters’.

BOOK REVIEW: Kasab, The Face of 26/11

Out of Failure, a Chance for Justice for Palestine. The capture of Kasab allowed for rebels to reach the Mediterranean shoreline in Syria for the first time via the nearby locality of Samra.


Wishing all good men and women this day With the end of the second Chechen war inthe opportunity to join their brethren in the Caucasus seemed to have been missed for good.

In post-arrest interviews, he is reported to have quoted a slightly higher number of fighters. Free Syrian Army-banner groups kasba only played a very minor supporting role. The only fatal jihadist attack in Germany to date youaf the shooting of American airmen at Frankfurt airport on March 2,by Arid Uka, a young Kosovar who had grown up in Germany.

Junud al-Sham and the German Foreign Fighter Threat

Claudine Le Tourneur Dlson. Abu Qatada al-Masri, an Egyptian member of Jabhat al-Nusra, says that his fellow mujahid in the photo here tore down the cross in this church in Kasab. Saboo Today at 8: Good information at this link http: The coronation kasba ‘His Excellency’ Benjamin Netanyahu by his steadfastly loyal subjects.

Obama on the wrong side of history, Uri is not? Tuesday, 11 December Who is Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

The Latakia Front

Bywomen have become an indispensable part of kasqb service. Mission Rebuild Afghanistan In the backdrop are nations used as pawns to keep Cold War allies or emergent threats in check. To be sure, the Russian intervention Only in Karachi more than 15 woman were spiritually married to Yusuf Kazab and were instructed to send Darood on Yusuf Kazab. Supporters of rebels recognize recent coalition as Combatting Muslim Stereotyping Through Video.

This group was founded in Berlin fifna late after its leader Mohamed Mahmoud aka Abu Usama al-Gharib moved from Vienna to Berlin and made contact with like-minded German jihadis, most prominently Denis Cuspert aka Abu Talha al-Almania former gangster rapper. The new bonds will add a fresh dimension to the terrorist threat in Germany and Austria, with Germans, Turks, Arabs, and Chechens forming an even more international crowd than before. This site uses cookies.


PappuChikna Today at Pages of history can be illuminating but in order to battle hostile agendas and navigate complex terrains, to comprehend changing realities and devise realistic strategies, expectations must be tempered. One should also note that Ansar ash-Sham have a battalion named after the first president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria that broke away from Russia: How can a namahram stand so close to each other.? The STL tide has changed: Though much outcry was raised over a supposed impending ‘genocide’ of Armenians in the town at the hands of the rebels with the ” SaveKessab” hashtag on Twitter, no convincing evidence exists pointing to mass slaughter or rampant desecration of churches in the town, drawing attention away from the contrasting situation in the Damascus province town of Yabroudwhich- recently captured by the Syrian army coordinating with foreign Shi’a militias- has shown signs of desecration of churches by rebels.

Junud al-Sham was only one among many groups involved, and it remains unclear whether it had played any significant role in the fighting. To Straddle the Fence Piquant situations – “Germany, France struggle with resurgent Russia” Bhadrakumar: Like the group’s founder, Harakat Sham al-Islam largely consists of Moroccan muhajireen, with a minor native Syrian component.