How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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Data associated with a license policy preferably includes data representing the expiration prorammers or expiration time of the license, as granted by the licensee e.

Thus, attributes of the license code 26 such as the expiration date or number of allocations need not be passed between license servers 14 in guude to a request for authorization to used a protected software progrzmmers from a client computer 12because an exact copy of the license code 26 has already been stored on the hard disk of each license server 14 prior to the startup of that license server In preferred embodiments, this utility 54 enables the user to specify the license server 14 from which the commuter authorization will be requested, and the requested time duration of the commuter authorization.

In any case, after determining the IP address of the leader server A, follower server B communicates the fact that its available allocations programmfrs has dropped to 29 to leader server A, and the distribution table of leader server A will be updated accordingly. Make sure the computer that the Origin network member is installed on has a connection to the FLEXlm server computer.

FLEXlm End User Manual

Each license server is programmed for managing a distribution of allocations to use the protected software. FAQ How can I use my old fitting functions in my progammers For purposes of simplifying the present disclosure, the protected software used in the following examples is one or more proprietary software programs. The network administrator is then provided encrypted commuter authorization information as described above. A system as recited in claim 5wherein if the commuter authorization is not returned prior to an expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime, at the expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime: As noted above, in preferred embodiments of the present invention the leader server always has a global picture of the distribution of allocations in the whole progammers pool.

The contents of each of these applications are incorporated by reference herein. FAQ-4 Why is there a watermark on my graphs? FAQ What are the changes for network license for version ? The preceding discussion described a client computer 12 requesting and receiving authorization for running a protected software program from a networked license server A method as recited in claim 12wherein the protected software is no longer needed, the method further includes the steps of: System for controlling the number of concurrent copies of a program in a network based on the number of available licenses.

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If, on the other hand, the network administrator makes no initial distribution 30 of allocations in the RLF 24preferred embodiments will divide the allocations evenly over the number of servers in the pool, and any extras will be put in the free pool FAQ I see a message “License file missing or incorrect.

A method as recited in claim 10the step of granting a commuter authorization to the at least one client computer from the at least one license server further including the steps of: Until the commuter authorization is returned or otherwise canceled, the hard limit of available allocations in the server pool is effectively decremented by one.

In preferred embodiments of the present invention, commuter authorizations and network authorizations can be simultaneously received and managed. FAQ Why do I see “license daemon: Alternatively, the protected program may remain in persistent memory 18 until and unless the server computer communicates an authorization signal to the shell program or library of API functions.

In addition, the contents of the RLF 24 is loaded into a distribution table 36 in RAM or other memory, and the initial distribution 30 is further copied into another record, distinct from the license code 26identified as a current distribution However, if all licenses are stored and managed in a single license server, failure of that server can result in a failure of the entire license management system.

Thereafter, the commuter authorization is disabled. The increasing usage of computer networks has added to the problem. This updated version includes a security update from flexera which fixes vulnerability CVE In preferred embodiments, follower server B can determine the IP address for the leader server A from a leader priority list 46which is configurable by the network administrator.

How to activate my free upgrade to the new version? Upon receiving a subsequent or present request to run the protected software program 50the client library 52 decides if it can authorize the client computer 12 to run the requested program 50 by decoding the commuter authorization information and comparing the fingerprint 60commuter authorization lifetime 56check-in value 58and other information to parameters within the client computer Instead, only one license management program needs to be running on a given license server 14to manage licenses for protected vendor applications managed by that license server.

Help Online – License – FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

All concurrent licenses are in use The License Information dialog will provide a message stating that all licenses are in use. If the granting license server is down and the commuter authorization lifetime ends prior to the return of the commuter authorization, another license server will manage the automatic check-in foexlm the commuter authorization.


The linked software program 50 and client library 52 are then loaded onto a client computer RN, wherein each record corresponds to an attribute associated with the license progtammers, the software program to which the license policy applies, or other information.

How to activate my free upgrade to the new version?

It is hard to know who are using Origin. A system as recited in claim 3the requesting client computer further including memory for storing commuter authorization programmwrs including the commuter authorization lifetime and a check-in value received from the granting license server when the granting license server grants the commuter authorization to the requesting client computer; and the granting license server further including memory for storing commuter authorization information including the commuter authorization lifetime and a check-in value when the granting license server grants the commuter authorization to the requesting client computer.

Assume, for this illustration, that all three license servers have been started up, and that license server A has been designated as the leader server, and B and C as the follower servers. Unlike the license table 34the distribution table 36 changes its current distribution 40 guids time, to keep track of current allocations.

Gukde How can I change my license server to a new machine? FAQ When I try to get a license, why do I see a message telling me the license has been upgraded and that licenses for previous versions are no longer available? In addition, in alternative embodiments, the commuter authorization lifetime and the check-in value are communicated from follower server C to the other license servers 14 in the server pool and stored in memory so that even if follower server C should go down, the other license servers 14 in the server pool can take over the management of the issued commuter authorization.

Because of the nature of computer software, illegal usage and illegal copying of proprietary software programs can be difficult to detect or deter. System and method for providing grace licensing to disconnected network license users.

How do I do this? A system for managing licenses for protected software on a communication network is disclosed. FAQ What is mixed concurrent license? As indicated in FIG. FAQ Do I have to deactivate my old version license before getting started with my new version? License Administration utilities must be installed on a machine which meets the minimum system requirements below:.

For example, prior to leaving for a business trip or working at home, a user can request a commuter authorization for one or more protected applications from flxelm client computer 12 connected to the network.