A suspenseful, emotionally charged real-life Sopranos: The son of New York’s most notorious Mafia killer reveals the conflicted life he led being raised. From the age of eight, Al DeMeo spent a lot of time with his father, Roy—on loansharking collections, in the auto-repair shop from which he. Albert DeMeo was six when his father gave him his first gun. Eleven years later, in , the cops summoned him to identify his father’s corpse.

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After all, his dad was an enforcer, not a don. I loved how he was truthful about his father, and how anyone at his age can relate to him. I was completely taken back when Albert was doing his mob tasks such as collecting the money for his father.

Jun 01, Hayley Greenhalgh rated it liked it. It’s safe albrt say he had a double life; his wife nor daughters knew what his real job was.

My old man, the hitman For the Sins of My Father by Albert DeMeo with Mary Jane Ross – Telegraph

Entangling the reader with suspense, disbelief, and drama. There’s the familiar other side of Mob ym here, too, the wide circle of eccentric acquaintances and the robust celebrations centered around a nuclear family in which mom and kids other than Albert floated unaware of the crimes of father and son; but what eats through this book like acid is zins horror, mixed with undying love and loyalty, that Albert fo as over the years he learns just what his father did for money—a horror that as an adult would send the author into a mental hospital but which he has now assimilated sufficiently to write this painful, intense, unforgettable memoir.

Books In Pictures – the story of love and romance: To ask other readers questions about For the Sins of My Fatherplease sign up. Nov 02, Omaima rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 10, Orinoco Womble tidy bag and all rated it really liked it Shelves: Eleven years later, inthe cops summoned him to identify his father’s corpse, frozen solid after 10 days in the boot of a Cadillac, and shot seven times, an eyeball blown out from the socket.

It’s also startling but in retrospect makes sense about what the events of having to quickly grow up with a father who could sihs been murdered any night and eventually was would have on his psyche. But when Al is thee, Roy’s body is found in the trunk of a car, a gangland slaying that places Al between federal prosecutors seeking his testimony and a mob crew determined to keep if quiet.


Spending weekends with his father was what Albert grew up with, however when it came time to share what your Dad did in class Albert was at a loss. Albert himself is entirely straightforward about the crimes that his father committed, even going as far to admit his father’s own morality about going to hell when he was dead.

Apr 05, Alexis Reynard rated thd really liked it.

This book is definitely a book for mob fanatics. Albert in my opinion, was someone who I have so much sympathy for because he seemed to miss out on a happy, healthy childhood. Beginning with Saturday excursions at a young age, Albert albet gradually introduced to his father’s secretive life.

No one can survive that burden. When Albert describes the many times that he has not slept at night until his father came home, I could not help but feel sympathy for him. The moment sent DeMeo into a psychological tailspin: The emotionally and physiological trauma from his fathers death and the outcome of the Gemini gangs actions are just two reasons as to why Alberts struggled in his adulthood.

I truly fell in love with the family man Roy was, half the time I didn’t even think of him as a mobster because he was just so caring and loving towards his family and friends. The loving tale between a mobster and his loyal son was so unbelievably good that I could barely put it down. The stories Albert would share with the readers about his childhood would make me fall in love with the family man Roy was.

I love reading memoirs and crime stories, so this gave me the best of both. It is likely such memories of the just and unjust actions of his father thee DeMeo as he walks with his memories today, so I believe he is deserving of a little complaining.

As it did with Roy’s death. I found it interesting to learn about how growing up in the mafia affected Alberts life in such an intense way.

For him to give up a childhood and spend his time dealing with mafia related events demeeo his best friend, his father, is not something kids his age would often do. At the age of seventeen, following the murder of his cemeo Albert had no choice but to enlist himself as a soldier in his father’s war.

In the beginning he was a happy child who idolized his father. This is a brutally honest, raw account of life inside the mafia. Please try again later.

He made you forget that that he was a mobster, and that is one of the things I enjoyed the most. The book kicked off with a great beginning and in my opinion never reached a low point where I could not bear to read it. I am sure there are many inner struggles between right and wrong, as the mafia has been famous for helping people who have been turned away by the police just as much as they’ve been nightmarishly devilsome in their dealings against people. I believe that Roy should have a done a better job raising his son, especially when he is introduced to hookers, guns and the entire mafia lifestyle.


For the Sins of My Father

Also I doubt the government of Italy would s I see many reviews here that treat this memoir as a “novel”, which hte me at first.

Also I doubt the government of Italy o spend quite so many millions or lose quite so many lives dealing with a “myth”. I felt a strong connection to the people in the story and felt that I could easily sympathize with all of them, which is something every book strives for. I bad for Albert DeMeo since he had to go through much after his father died and when his father kept disappearing. Aside from the fact that he was the son of a mafia member, he was just like an ordinary kid that had a family and did normal slbert a kid would do.

Every character in the Sopranos lives in all their moral complexity. Only to find he must wear his own. It is also a gor that shows the violence of the Sinz and the thoughts, ideas, and way of thinking as a “wise guy”. I had no idea that the mafia life was so prominent in the United States. For the Sins of My Father is an extraordinary novel that delves into what appears similar to fiction. More worryingly, these characters seem like cliches.

Now although this book was quite well written there are only two problems I had with it, the first being the multitude of characters presented to us at the beginning of the book and the person Albert depicted as his father. It was as if he went back in time to when his father first died and was forced to relive how he felt, he ultimately went in a downward spiral and became suicidal. Albert’s childhood was so different because of his father’s involvement in the mob and I could deemeo imagine living sinns double life the way he did for so long.

This memoir, For the Sins of My Father, is what a therapist would call an attempt to find closure. I found this book fascinating, frightening, eye-opening and tenderally sweet.