FORCE: Dynamic Life Drawing: 10th Anniversary Edition – CRC Press Book. Mike Mattesi’s 10th anniversary edition of FORCE will teach readers how to put Whether you are an illustrator, animator, comic book artist, or student, you’ll learn . om Force This page intentionally left blank om Force Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators Michael D. Mattesi Visit. Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators Capture the force in your life drawing subjects Mike Mattesi is the owner and founder of Entertainment Art Academy.

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Dean shares with you all his tricks to drawing the female form and how to create the most appealing images, from the shape of the body down to the design of the mouth. These angles give you the sense of vanishing that occurs in our d.mattesii.

The form it describes is in front. The buttocks represent the pelvis. Also notice the size difference in the feet for depth.

The model was so much more alive and aggressive than my weak depiction of him. An exercise I do in class is to have the model pose for five minutes.

Book Review: Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators | Parka Blogs

Com rated it it was amazing Oct 14, The orb the model is holding gets lost within the shape of the body. See the shadow on the leg, and how I adhered it to the body instead of creating a flat shape. Just as curves defined force in Chapter 1, straight lines evoke structure and perspective. Overlap helps evoke foreshortening. That previous directional force dictates how strong the applied force is.


The more you do it, the faster you will learn it. Once you get the concept of force, then you can use it in drawing everything.

Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators – Mike Mattesi – Google Books

Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators So here we have an experience in sculpting the model. There is no clear idea. The roller coaster of force will be our bridge into mass. Working at Disney made me realize that there is such a thing as appealing and unappealing shapes. Examples show how forces inside the body and deawing gravity or objects act on the human figure, and how the body reacts to the force.

His work can be seen on his website of the same name.

The Official FORCE Drawing Website

The closer they are to being a straight line, the faster we can go through them, like the example in drawing 2. Energy is coming from somewhere and sweeping into the main idea of the pose.

Write verb first then noun it affects.

Mike Mattesi is the owner and founder of Entertainment Art Academy www. It changed the face of American traditional animation. Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators pressure to the paper with the pencil while you are still in motion.


Your marks should indicate the change in force and pressure that your body would feel on the ice. The arrow example shows you the direction of the energy or its path.

The balance of the two within every shape gives us drawings with a sense of believability through contrasting forces. Finally, after that long abimators elegant journey we have a change in tempo but for a moment, found in the knee.

To provoke the sight of space, try drawing the model from a closer position than you usually do and exaggerate size. Look at the lats, and the shoulder blade resting on the ribcage, and the head over the horizon. They are created with clear straights and cur ves. Their drawings go in between the key drawings the animator created. The head is hard, neck is soft, ribcage hard, abdomen soft, pelvis hard, thighs soft, knees hard, calves soft, ankles hard, and the bottom of the feet are soft.