Keywords: Dry suspension, Taste Masking, Macrolide Antibiotic, Eudragit L . formula F = Vu/Vo, where Vu is the volume of sediment and Vo. Route Dosage Form. Concentration. Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim Oral Suspension 40mg/5mL. Formula Qty: mL. Shelf Life: 20 days. Hospital Of Eastern Ontario. MASTER FORMULA SHEET – NON-STERILE MANUFACTURING. PRODUCT: PROPRANOLOL 5 mg/mL ORAL SUSPENSION .

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Martin’s Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Formulation of suspensions One of the methods for making the suspension, is the dispersion of a particle in a vehicle that can be done by mechanical instruments or by the use of surfactants that contains three steps: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Other tests, including measurement of pH, viscosity and zeta potential measurements were performed and finally the best formulations were selected. Bioequivalence evaluation of two brands of cefuroxime mg tablets cefuzime and suspenslon in healthy volunteers.

According to these properties a general discussion is presented. Assay test Prepared formulations were evaluated by UV system in wavelengths, for the standard solution 20 mg of the drug was dissolved in 50 ml methanol and Tabriz, Iran for the supply of cefuroxime axetil.

Quantity of zeta potential can indicate the potential stability of the colloidal system, if the particles have a large positive or negative zeta potential they will have a tendency to repel each other and in formulqsi low zeta potentials particles supsension accumulate and attract each other.


Formulation of cefuroxime axetil oral suspension and investigation of its pharmaceutical properties

Percent of labeled amount. After selecting the acceptable preparations, physical stability tests and other tests such as dissolution rate, pH, zeta potential and viscosity measurement of formulations were performed.

The potential of the moving layer around each particle is called zeta potential. Since cefuroxime is suspensin absorbed orally, the 1-acetyloxyethyl axetil ester of cefuroxime was used to improve its gastrointestinal absorption. In Figure 1 the percentage of release in all the formulations are presented. Also the system was found to be time-depended. The charge of the particles effects their distribution in the environment and increases the concentration of opposite charge on the surface close to them which produces electric double layer.

The authors would like to thank Dana Pharmaceutical Co. Oral route is the selective method for administration of most of the drugs. Pharmaceutical suspensions from formulation to manufacturing. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. Considering the differences of the viscosity in up and down curves the thixotropy of the system is obvious so the vehicle was pseudo plastic and gormulasi. It is characterized by being the only second-generation cephalosporin which formulai penetratesinto the cerebrospinal fluid Susppension.

General criteria for selecting a suitable suspension can be considered as proper appearance of uniformity and homogeneity, the number of low-frequency shaking for the complete distribution, the high volume of sediment, no crystal growth and appropriate pour ability. The stability of the amorphous form of cefuroxime axetil in solid state. Please review our privacy policy. Considering no sedimentation, the sedimentation volume was determined to be 1.

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Dissolution test For 3 of each formulation, dissolution test was performed with USP 2 apparatus Paddle in 50 rpm for 30 minutes.

Formulation of cefuroxime axetil oral suspension and investigation of its pharmaceutical properties

Preparation of amorphous cefuroxime axetil nanoparticles by sonoprecipitation for enhancement of bioavailability. The sedimentation volume was calculated to be 1 in all the suspensions, therefore there was no need to re-dispersion test and the degree of flocculation value was also 1. After calculating the viscosity, the curves of viscosity against shear rate were plotted.

The degrees of flocculation were also equal to 1. A new approach to HPLC analysis of medicinal suspensions.

From all 33 formulations designed in Minitab software, only 9 was selected to further investigation that are listed in the Table 1. According to the curve each formulation released Remington the science and practice of Pharmacy.

J Pharm Biomed Anal. Support Center Support Center.

Port City Press; Tabibi S, Rhodes CH. According to the viscosity curves, the suspensions were pseudo plastic, i. A sample of these curves is shown in Figure 2. Received Aug 28; Accepted Nov Cefuroxime is the second generation cephalosporin, which its intravenous and oral dosage forms are available.