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The fundamental goal behind accelerated testing is to quickly gather information on the product performance and estimated datasheett under normal use [46]. These preliminary tests also brought to attention the large amount of noise that was generated when the system operated above 30 Hz.

fr9014 datasheet

Next, send the low voltage AC through a rectifier to make it DC and use a. As stated earlier in the report, boron nitride spray was used initially to unify all surface emissivity values. This validated the manufacturer specifications of the motor and the VFD. The three FR4 copper layers between the copper layers were modeled to be 0.


Much work has The drive was cycled while stationary The assumptions that deal with extracting power dissipation values from the IR images will be discussed in later sections. Table 27 displays the first five components to fail along with the estimated mean cycles to failure.

A schematic of the friction brakes that exists in cars is shown in Figure 27 Conventional disc friction brake. This board contains the primary gate-driver components that direct the operation of the power switching module. As such, these failures are of little concern to the system level reliability assessment.


The motor-brake subassembly required significant effort to ensure that the materials, design and interactions between parts could withstand the generated forces with a sufficient safety factor.

The point measurement technique, shown in Figure 54 and Figure 55, allows the user to determine the surface temperature of a single point once the emissivity is set appropriately. Further investigation into literature revealed that factors such as surface roughness, viewing angle and viewing distance all affect the accuracy of the calibration efforts [43].

For this reason, manufacturers many years ago moved towards the PoF approach [14]. A typical motor drive system, shown in Figure 3 contains a power source, a power electronic converter, a transmission mechanism, a load, and various types of control systems.

States are omitted because the SPT is designed so that States 8 occurs as the last state in the cycle. Once known, these power dissipation values were used in the CalcePWA thermal analysis tool to model component temperatures. This was conducted using an iterative method using the CalcePWA thermal simulation tool. Significant research has been conducted to compare the performance of copper to that of the traditionally used aluminum in bond wires [21][22].

FR Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Information regarding the temperature profile experienced at varying load levels provided the necessary information to conduct computer-aided simulations. Figure 2 Spectrum of applications involving power electronics [4] As power electronic systems spread into these various application fields, much attention has been directed towards reliability.


Assessment methods consisted of developing CalcePWA simulation models of the primary subassemblies and constructing a power cycling apparatus to perform accelerated testing of the drive.

Q x y Q z The substrate insulation. While other software programs utilizing a complete FEM approach may take hours to run a simulation, this software performs a simplified simulation in seconds. To make a simple linear power supply, use a transformer to step down the VAC to a lower voltage. Other methods, such as purchasing extra parts from the manufacturer, were investigated but it was determined that manufacturing a custom bracket would be the most cost-effective and efficient method.

This was because the power board contains components that dissipate more heat at increased power levels. Figure 12 shows the various building blocks that make up a typical power-switching As such, the true accuracy of may be compromised. Similar to the study conducted by Bailey et. For industrial purposes this number is most likely closer to three, however 10 cycles per day served as a conservative estimate. This iteration process was conducted for each component on all three boards.

Copper is conventionally measured in ounces, which represents the weight of copper that is spread over one square foot. Figure 50 Case removed, direct view of connector board IR connector board load Without your patience, understanding and mentorship, I would still be lost in a sea of confusion. IR power board load front upper right Figure Appendix: