Francisco Colasanto is the author of Max/Msp ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews , published ). Francisco Colasanto is writing the second volume of his book. ISBN: pending. All rights reserved. Made in México. Translation: Roberto Becerra . Translation review: Tim Poulin. Cover design: Francisco Colasanto.

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There are many artists currently working with interactive techniques and many others interested in getting started. CMMAS is then a space of connection and transfer of knowledge through creative processes that can be shared only through experience and conscious reflection on the meaning and impact of new technologies. In your perspective, where francieco the most exciting stuff happening right now in the Spanish-speaking world?

Areas of activity Achievements Agreements Academic advisors Staff. I love exploring the interaction between acoustic instruments and electronics. I started working with Max in I also wanted to provide some literature on the subject that could be used by Max teachers in Latin America.

Thus, it supports a form of learning that transcends specific versions and models. The author invites us to share approaches to solving problems on how to work the sound, but with a clear perspective of educational and technical experience gives mmax text authority sure will be demonstrated over time.

CMMAS – Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas Volumen 2. | Events, activities, news

Where are you from? I’ve dictated several Max courses in Argentina, and all of them were always very crowded. But this kind of phrases teaches us the structure of a language and how to build it.

  6ES7 241-1CH30-1XB0 PDF

To do this, each new object comes with a sample patch using only the studied object and the objects that had been reviewed at the moment, so the student is able to confirm several times how these objects work in different situations. Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st.

This e-book, then, is a research and teaching technique that has successfully integrated a system of transmission of complex knowledge in an efficient and well-devised with the advantage that you can follow the text at different levels of depth.

Yours is the first Spanish language Max book that I’ve seen.

I’ve already begun to write it. At that time I was working in a small electroacoustic music laboratory in Buenos Aires. Do you see a lot of Max usage in Spanish-speaking countries?

With this, the Centre aims to become an alternative capable of promoting the intelligent use of professional and advanced tools. Did you learn from the English tutorials that ship with Max or was there something in Spanish that you were able to access? There are also many people doing things in Spain, of course. It is without doubt a final step in our attempt to show that in Mexico can be a space of international scope that can promote the creation, training and production, while it remains a public nature center.

There are several things worth mentioning.

We’ve linked to you on BlogInterviewer. In this interview, we get a chance to catch up with Francisco and learn more about his in-depth book as well mso his work at CMMAS in Mexico and elsewhere. That’s why I think is critical to provide a solid base of the message-based patching before delving into signal-processing. The second will be entirely related to signal processes, i.


Find a Book about Max

Can be used as a reference source on the Max programming language, which has become essential for all artists interested in the control of audio, MIDI devices and colasantoo cutting edge technologies, but at the same time I am sure to be a invaluable resource for those who are interested in learning step by step programming language that is installed as central today franciwco experience it so clearly linked to the creative process.

Those of us colxsanto him have seen the growth of the project had been planned even before the birth of CMMAS and have seen the tenacity and conviction with which he has worked on this coalsanto step in extending the scope of such a significant project. When you aren’t writing books about Max, what else do you do?

This text is then the result of a personal and professional long time and tremendous effort that went from being single to being a team project. Learn about our user conference Expo ’74 Coming in April Nov 27 4: We’ve seen some really phenomenal technology-based work and New Media institutions popping up in Latin America in recent years, but North Americans are largely unaware of these developments.

Published September 28,