Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden*). Einführung. Der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden zur ethischen Bewertung von Unternehmen wurde im Zusammenwirken. Frankfurt M.: Frankfurt School Verlag. Ethische Kriterien für die Bewertung von Unternehmen: Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden. Frankfurt M.: IKO. IÖW (Institut. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt Hoffmann J, Ott K, Scherhorn G (eds) () Ethische Kriterien f ̈ur die Bewertung von Unternehmen – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden.

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Personnel development Frankfurg are viewed basically as “a human resource” and are considered in terms of economic goals and values. Does the company sell products whose sale has been banned or been rated risky in one leutfaden on the grounds of health issues, to other countries which consider these products as not harmful?

Peter Grieble, Stuttgart und Dipl. Business ethics is one of the areas in which strategic rationality in the form characteristic of the modern economy crosses paths with ethical reason Kersting In this area the investor finds under “External interest groups” a subordinate item designated “Foreign countries”.

How often was the company found guilty? With respect to the third major concern of the investor, viz. Are attempts on the part of employees to make themselves independent as suppliers supported by the company? How do the purchasing conditions compare with prevailing conditions in the industry with respect to suppliers?

It should be noted that this example serves solely as an application aid and that in the last analysis each user has to decide independently on the criteria to be used in an examination. You shall not render anyone incapable! Verkauf der eigenen Produkte z.


Opting in hohemheimer of such criteria can have considerable consequences. Hence there are only marginal buffers for the absorption of possible losses in the coming years.

Es folgte leitfadfn Dissertation mit dem Thema: Environmental sustainability” or “2. What materials are imported from LDCs? Is this viewed critically? Hence there is a growing awareness that all the powers in society will have to be mobilized in order to produce the cultural pressure necessary to enable the social market economy to mediate between liberalism and socialism, competition and solidarity, and between economy and ecology.

Possibility of acquiring further qualifications?

Agi Makil, geboren It leihfaden further a responsibility on the part of every company for the continued existence, as well as for the discursive development, of the normative grankfurt understanding inherent in society and culture. Declaration of material used To what extent are the minimum legal requirements met?

Does the company cooperate with countries or their governing elite which systemetically oppress or discriminate against women eg. Use of renewable forms of energy Efficiency of energy use in power plants.


The criteriology presented here is still somewhat of an outline. This tendency has received additional impetus from the growing conviction that in the long run only ethically “clean” companies will be able to succeed on the market, and will also yield higher returns than other investments – if for no other reason than the anticipation by these companies of future regulations.

Does the company consequently pursue envisioned goals eg. No one should be deprived of freedom and opportunities! The results of this examination, together with its subjective evaluation, would then constitute the basis for the investment decision on the part of the investor. The capacity of a society for solving the social and economic problems that emerge in it depends to a decisive degree on the moral understanding at its disposal, i.


No one should be deprived of freedom and opportunities! Studies of the capital market in the FRG have shown that the financial results of ethical or ecological investment funds are completely on a par with those of their competitors. Are possibilities being taken advantage of for increasing the efficiency of the energy used for lighting? If virtues refer to an ultimate in this sense, or what we call fundamental moral principles, then we speak of cardinal virtuesfor example: The company provides employees with possibilities and financing for further education and training.

Forschungsgruppe Ethisch-Ökologisches Rating – Forschungsgruppenmitglieder

Rugmark stamp of quality. Die Sicherstellung der Verbindlichkeit moralischer Standards gewinnt um so mehr an Bedeutung, je komplexer Unternehmen und deren Umfeld organisiert sind Wieland, By means of what procedure did they become established?

Greater significance must accrue to moral communication within the context of the economic system. Limitation is important, as unlimited expansion destroys the necessary diversity which is elementary for the potential development of the community and the self-realization of the individual.

Are local craftmanship and agricultural abilities being replaced discarded clothes from Europe instead of local textile industries?