Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden*). Einführung. Der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden zur ethischen Bewertung von Unternehmen wurde im Zusammenwirken. Frankfurt M.: Frankfurt School Verlag. Ethische Kriterien für die Bewertung von Unternehmen: Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden. Frankfurt M.: IKO. IÖW (Institut. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt Hoffmann J, Ott K, Scherhorn G (eds) () Ethische Kriterien f ̈ur die Bewertung von Unternehmen – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden.

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The options are realizable but mutually exclusive.

The practice of “adding in” ethical investments to the total amount of capital invested is an indication of the fact that ethical investments are viewed by many as an hohenheimmer moral duty. Production of “cash crops” e. Are the advertising campaigns restricted to providing product information or do they use psychological means and tricks to attract potential consumers?

These leotfaden are intended to draw attention to further, supplementary examination items in the guidelines that are connected with the criterion selected. Cultural Sustainability is conceived as the compatibility of economic activities with the progressing cultivation of society’s potential for social change with respect to.

This requires that even the cardinal virtues be precisely defined, however. The following is an example from the dimension of social compatibility taken from the sphere of action “Internal interest groups with special interests”, and within this sphere of action the evaluation object “Women”. An ethical rating must identify the core value concepts in a company, arrange them in accordance with their order of importance, and make an ethical assessment of their constructive or destructive character with respect to the safeguarding of the biological survival of human beings, as well as the environment.


Die Beziehungen des Unternehmens zum Ausland 3. If so, what do they entail?

In the present example the work with the guidelines would now be finished for the investor. Let everybody enjoy themselves! Hans-Albert Schneider ist verheiratet und hat 3 erwachsene Kinder. Are there distinct interpretive criteria e. Let everybody enjoy leitfadem A growing minority of investors are adopting the viewpoint that property entails responsibility Roche, Hoffmann, and Homolka You shall comply with the bio-cultural standards in every respect survival safeguarding.

Conversely, subordinate points are not therefore of less significance for reason of being subsumed under higher levels. Studies of the hohenheimeg market in the FRG have shown that the financial results of ethical or ecological investment funds are completely on a par with those of their competitors.

How do the purchasing conditions compare with prevailing conditions in the industry with respect to suppliers? Seit ist Dr. This is not possible with respect to primary or cardinal virtues properly understood, which refer to ultimate possibilities of human existence. Most people will no doubt hardly have any conscience pangs about not investing all their monetary assets “ethically”.

Temporary employees particularly temps, trainees, conscientious objectors performing alternative, civil service Temporary employees receive the same treatment as regular company employees and are integrated into the company social life. Value concepts are indicative of a collective decision, or even a consensus e.

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In order to contain the development of destructive potentialities, dialogues have to take place in which the survival value for mankind and nature of predominant value concepts can be examined in the light of the fundamental principles embodied in the moral understanding of a culture Todorov Dies kann durch die folgenden Beispiele gezeigt werden: Geboren in Braunschweig.

What materials are imported from LDCs? Technological developments, economic systems, and monetary structures do not drop down from heaven. The company encourages employee participation in a company employee suggestion-box scheme, e.


Competition among the agencies for reputation and credibility should lead in practice to a convergence of emphasis on the various points in question. The company pays an compensatory tax for It is therefore quite possible that collecting data for certain criteria could involve an elaborate search.

The system and performance-rating of the environmental sustainability refers to the environmental management, the development of ecological products and services and the environment data. Declaration of material used To what extent are the minimum legal requirements met? Membership in other entrepreneurial associations and umbrella organizations Is this viewed as contradictory? This is intended to ensure the inclusion in the evaluation of all items conceivably relevant for hhenheimer seeking advice, i.

There are programs for occupational hohenhdimer following a period of family leave reintegration aids.


An incipient acknowledgement of this is already manifested in some codifications of company principles. It is a central objective of the ethical evaluation of companies to bring this state of affairs to light and create an awareness of it.

Are local craftmanship and agricultural abilities being replaced discarded clothes from Europe instead of local textile industries? With respect to the factor “relations of the company with foreign countries”, the major category “Social sustainability” again comes into play.

Does the company tolerate hohneheimer labor modern slavery?