I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. After reading Frederica I thanked my lucky stars that Georgette Heyer was such a prolific writer and that she lived a long life. She wrote over The orphaned Frederica has arrived in London in the hopes of . If you read no other novel by Georgette Heyer, it should probably be this one.

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Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Paperbackpages. I know you’re curious so here’s how it went to the best of my recollection: Although Alverstoke has no particular interest in the Merriville family at first, he gradually finds himself drawn into their circle. Although frankly, after three Heyer novels in short succession, I now feel more confident in my knowledge of Regency slang than 90’s slang–a sad state of affairs. Frederica is tops on my list of Georgette Heyer novels. This is the last of the greatest Heyer novels, definitely a top favourite among Heyerites and the one I love the most the condition of my everyday copy attest it tooI remember very clearly it was the third Heyer I ever read.

WHY do you have to look at me like that!!! Heyer also indulged herself in a way unusual for her- as the novel progressed, we got long trips inside the characters’ heads to see their feelings developing.

And I made my mind up years and years ago that I wouldn’t marry anyone unless I was truly in love with him.

Dancing at the Netherfield Ball: Maybe its also just that I’ve just read too much Heyer, though! This solidified Frederica as one of my top 3 Georgette Heyer books. To further this end, she brings the family from their country home to London and introduces herself to a distant relation, the selfish and indolent Marquis of Alverstoke, asking him to sponsor her sister into “the ton” and the subsequent Season.


Another audio version is narrated by Kate Reading, which might suit the female roles better. Lady Jersey is there, and she’s a great friend of the family and she was super hilarious because she understood everything at a glance and loved to see Alverstoke’s sisters and his cousin Mrs.

Where do I even start?! Lord Alverstoke is bored. No, not that one. Thank you for the review.

Frederica – Georgette Heyer – Works | Archive of Our Own

Celebrating Georgette Heyer — Day 17 Giveaway Enter a chance to win one copy of Fredericaby Georgette Heyer Sourcebooks, by leaving a comment stating what intrigues you about the plot or characters, or if you have read it, which is your favorite character or scene by midnight Pacific time, Monday, September 6th, And again, even though many of the characters and situations are familiar from other GHs, each also has unique features.

Really, it was a dreadful overstep. And it will be such a nice treat for you!! What I find so amusing about that is how quickly you start using the words, like telling someone they’re “doing it a little to brown” or refering to a young man as a “foppish dandy in the peticoat line”.

You are so boring. I repeatedly reiterate in my earlier reviews that other Heyer heroes rank higher in my regard. To take care of her.

Talk about a cut above the rest. But I had not anticipated that I would jeyer every single page delicious, and that the ending would leave me desperately wishing there was a sequel. I’ll get my reasons out of the way before I go on to the book’s many positives. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Even if he is described as selfish, cynical and overall not very pleasant person, he is never dishonest with Frederica. His job could have finished right there, but no, he rescues their dog, brings Felix to all sorts of places, lets Jessamy drive his horses, drives Charis around, all the time trying to convince himself that he’s not falling for Frederica.


It was greedy and immoral IMHO. But then another distant relation applies for his aid. They have come to London for the glittering social season, in order to give young and beautiful Charis a chance to make a good marriage, she may be as hen-witted as she is beautiful.

At 24, she considers herself too old to be married and her only hope is to find a suitable husband for her younger sister, who is very beautiful. Oh, no, actually, Lord Alverstoke knows wayyyyyy more than I do!

And I didn’t care much for the social side of it. You can see how deeply important these two boys are to Frederica and it’s clear that she couldn’t possibly abandon them to their negligent oldest brother—which means that anybody who hryer love them as well has no chance of winning her heart.

Frederica will become a She-Marquis!! How much money do I owe you?

Desert Isle Keeper

At the end, Alverstoke and Frederica are perfectly in fredfrica and the world is good again. Never would I have imagined loving a kid of his age so much in a book, but he was the best. The Marquis is initially reluctant but agrees to sponsor the Merriville ladies out of mischief, mostly to annoy his sister Louisa who had been ffederica similar assistance to launch her own daughter into society.

I read these books MANY years ago and they had somewhat dimmed in my memory. I also adore Lord Alverstoke Like Like.