Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What . In the sixties, he was an MKULTRA consultant and received research moneys. Below please find the full texts of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler’s books How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control. Starseed Radio: Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati & MK- Ultra. Public. · Hosted by Miesha Johnston. Interested. clock. Saturday, September 23, at PM.

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There was a time when all educated people knew the myths of Rome and Greece.

This flies right in the face of what Jesus taught us and recorded in the Bible: I prefer to call my sins for what they are — sin. Anthony Patch joins the Fringe to discuss his theories in relation to Artificial Intellegence and the spiritual battle for our souls. To summarize they are: Many of them had performed “botched” surgeries or done damage to a patient by subscribing the wrong medication. I received a vague green light that an economic disaster would happen.

We can continue to accept that nobody knows what is happening to the modern human mind or we can face the truth and step up. And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. In the modern era we are trying, once again, to regain ancient knowledge of the thing that is said to have lifted humans out of barbarism — the Skyclock.

Granted, some of his books have been an invaluable asset to many counselors and therapists whose clients are SRA and MC survivors, but has it proven to be a cure-all for complete de-programming? In the beginning of the article, he states, “Over two weeks ago, this author was given inside information that the New World Order NWO had pulled all their key people — specialists, and so forth out of San Diego, CA.

Fritz Springmeier

This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat For a so-called “Christian Counselor” to take advantage of women coming out and become sexually involved with victims is unacceptable and against everything that the Bible teaches. One source claims Fritz’ birth name is Arthur Alexander, Jr.


We discussed plenty, from Halloween to disconnection from creation.

Although he has put out an enormous amount of information on topics relating to the NWO, he tickles the ears of the listeners and readers, thereby exploiting his expertise as a cover or front. I realize that you have quoted Fritz in your books, and marketed his books, and I really hated to be a party to this and to put you in this position.

Fritz Springmeier – Another Human Tragedy

The apostles spoke forth prophecies that the end times would soon come, but what did God mean by ” things which must shortly take place “? So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them. Due to unresolved disagreements with the leadership of the organization, he abruptly left.

He eluded law enforcement for about two years and was finally captured by the FBI. Here are the words of Jesus: We are starting to see many modern science based professions looking back to older ways in order to improve the extreme materialism that is science.

Archived from the original ultr January 21, Another speaker to be featured was Fritz Springmeier. The AMA insisted that the public had no right to know, and that when a person needed medical assistance, he should not springneier the option to find out the skills of the physician who was going to operate on him, nor if he was a medical doctor with a bad record.

We discuss the odds of moving up thr ladder and striking it rich. Paul Smith and Bill Ray are remote viewers that were involved with the legendaty Project Star Gate military experiments on psychic phenonena. I pray that I do not rationalize my sins away, but confront them and deal with them. Your revelations from God are also welcome. Fritz came down from Oregon with a group, including two women, whom he claimed had come out of project Monarch and were in the process of being de-programmed by Fritz.


Vibration relates to everything we can sense in this world to include ftitz numbers we think about in an effort to make sense of our world. Crrow returns to discuss the recent shut downs of alternstive media from Alex Jones to Red Ice radio.

I am sure that Fritz is going springmeiwr read this article and I welcome him to do it. The sad truth is that the Gerson Method works and Torell Articles like these are not fun to publish. Thank you all for your submitted questions, it truly shows what springkeier community is thinking about and challenging. In I Peter 1: The plan encompasses every country on earth.

Our guest went through 2 hurricanes and the resulting evacuations while waking up. This is a lesson for us all in getting back to nature, in the face of weather modification and citified Shortly before the couple parted, Fritz and Cisco went to a mind control symposium in Texas and introduced her as Mrs.

Fritz Springmeier – Wikipedia

Anyone can hang out a “shingle” and call themselves pastors, evangelists, apostles, teachers, counselors, etc. Dean Henderson joins the Fringe to discuss the “Divide” and the “Dividers”. A great deal of force is being exerted by Christians to get me to compromise and sin.

We can logically work m it is very likely that in the next few years we will begin to see massive unemployment due to technology or specifically automation. Finally, however, I have come to realize that I can’t draw him away from Cisco, and that I’m now very little more than a Christian front for a “ministry” and the writings of a man badly deceived and outside of the protective cover of any Godly authority structure.