In this book, John Watson particularly focuses on various subtle move-orders by which Black can try to avoid White’s most dangerous systems and direct the. All about The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Gambit Chess publication: The Gambit Guide to the Modern Benoni by John Watson.

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If white chooses to play 9. Bg4, White has even resorted to 8. If the reader doesn’t like the first variation or the variation is bad! Bg5 and retreat the bishop to e3 after The Benoni is a response to 1. It was therefore with great expectations that I sat down to “read” his new book about one of the most difficult variations right now: When ever I play the Benoni I play: The game Donner —Tal, Zurich[38] was a classic demonstration of the power of Black’s queenside pawn advance, backed up by the bishop on g7.

Play typically proceeds 7.

The GAMBIT Guide to the Modern Benoni : John Watson :

But it is in fact an idea of Perenyi’s, and it looks like black can secure equality in this variation. The central pawn majority is White’s main positional trump in the Modern Benoni. Originally it was thought that the temporary pawn sacrifice Qb3 White attacks both b7 and d6, and Black must be careful not to drift into a passive position after Nh5 and delays further expansion in the centre until the White’s development is complete.

By far the most popular continuation for White is gambut. Watson provides extensive verbal descriptions of opening strategy throughout the book, which is essential for gujde to fully understand the opening’s principles.


However, White often prefers not to play 3.

As mentioned abovewere Black to delay the capture on d5, White would then gain bfnoni option of recapturing with the e-pawn. I want to add that the layout, print and diagrams as always with Gambit-books are highest quality.

Modern Benoni

Players who use this move order will often choose a different defence against 3. The pawn move prevents White from driving away the knight with f2-f4, and sets up the possibility of Black bringing a knight on f4 via g6 or h5. In the s the system was revitalized by players in the Soviet Union, chief among them Mikhail Tal. Only in the s was interest in the system revived, when the King’s Indian Defence gained in popularity among Soviet players benpni their investigations branched into related opening systems such as the Vuide Benoni.

King’s Indian players may also find this book useful as it covers a number of lines that can arise from King’s Indian move orders.

Jul 4, 7. I played some of these variations years ago, and I was curious what he had to say about the variation with Bd3 and Nge2: Back to this thread again. Unable To Mkdern 4 Player Chess bajabeetl 15 min ago. Personally I find 9…Kh8!? Black should play passively if white is able to gambih up too much control over the center, and hope to counter with f2-f4, but unlike the classical variation, black intends for white to take this pawn with exf4 and relinquish some control over the center.

Bf4Black can either defend it with Nimzowitsch received the third special prize of the tournament for this game and labelled Marshall’s opening an “unfortunate” “extravagance” in his annotations; [9] as a result, it lay virtually abandoned for decades.

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En route to winning his first USSR championship, [55] Tal provided a brilliant example of how Black’s dark-square control could lead to a kingside attack. Bf4 is similar in spirit to 7.


Magnus Carlsen–did he use cheat codes at world championship? This lets white play a pawn break guidee f2-f4. The latter move order has been especially popular since the s, as it allows Black to reach the Modern Benoni while sidestepping the Taimanov Attack.

The GAMBIT Guide to the Modern Benoni

Good articles Articles with short description. Writing this book the author has used no less than 3 computer engines to ensure that he didn’t make to many blunders!

Nf3 and starting with 7. The Benoni is an advanced opening that requires players to constantly be aware of the potential of all pieces, especially the threat of pawn breaks. Maybe white can try the odd looking The Benoni is an active unbalanced defence and is not suitable for those wanting a quiet solid game. Nf3 has historically been White’s most benohi move, intending to complete kingside development and castle.

About this product Synopsis In this book, John Watson particularly focuses on various subtle move-orders by which Black can try to avoid White’s most dangerous systems and direct gambiy game into more palatable channels. The Nimzo-Indian defense is a common transposition in the Modern Benoni occurring in nearly half of all games played with that openingand is essential for any Modern Benoni player to know well. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.

Further space-gaining pawn advances such as