Buy Highlander by Garry Kilworth (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Title: Highlander Author(s): Garry Kilworth ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: HarperEntertainment. Availability: Amazon. Buy a cheap copy of Highlander book by Garry Kilworth. “There Can Be Only One “The battle rages across the centuries, from the wind-scoured.

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He finally called her a bloated warthog which upset her leading her to run to her husband and told him of the insult. Kastagir rises to leave and Conner suggest they meet tomorrow at the Bridge in Central Kilwoeth at 2: Jess Stone rated it liked it Sep 24, She is fearful of being alone.

Conner gets drunk and found himself chased by the ugly wife of a wealthy ship-owner named Basset.

During the chicken race, the Kurgan slows down to turn a corner and at that moment, Brenda jumps out of the car and runs across the street to some guys and begs for help. After the final battle and the prize, which are pretty much the same as the filmConner returns to his apartment and Rachel, giving her instructions and saying goodbye Similar to the film when he left gadry fight the Kurgan farry tells her that he is leaving the country with Brenda.

Highlander by Garry Kilworth

But Conner feels complete for the first time in his life. The author harry a fantastic job giving him more depth and character versus the mindless and barbaric killing machine that was portrayed on the big screen. But he instead gets her a taxi. I also find it strange the way that the last confrontation with the Kurgan was depicted insofar as the description of the action.


It does not suggest that he is now mortal. The immortals are said to grow to a certain point and then stop aging, rather than the violent death triggering of immortality. After having a drink at a nearby bar, Conner boards a subway. Apr 04, Bill Conrad rated it really liked it. He is among one of the oldest of the immortals. According to him, he preferred fighting on the side of the barbarian hordes over civilized armies.

I love the movie after all!

Highlander (Highlander, book 2) by Garry Douglas

She screams for help but nobody helps her. The concept of immortals and why they exist is kilworh by Ramirez who says that some are just born different.

hihlander Although the action sequences come off a little dry, and parts of the book feel a little awkward, the novel was a still a fun little vacation read. Published November 4th by HarperEntertainment first published Amber rated it it was amazing Jun 06, He is in the process of drawing his gun when the Kurgan flattens him literally with a tossed garbage can.

Based on the cult film classic. A Scottish clan warrior from the 16th century, he was taught the deadly arts by an ancient mentor, who then suffered the only wound that can end an Immortal’s life: I think what made me read this was the few episodes of the television series I happened across online. Obviously when reading a novelisation it helps to be a fan of the original property.


Death was not something immortals experienced at all. Mike rated it really liked it Jan 14, Jul 07, Michael Reyes rated it it was ok. Retrieved from ” http: Kilworth is a graduate of King’s College London. Steve rated it really liked it Aug 07, The gang back off and leave the train at the next stop. The Scenes in Scotland were particularly vivid with great added backstory.


The other clansmen agree including Father Rainey and Connor finds himself yoked, beaten and forced towards a bonfire about to be burned at the stake. Overall, I enjoyed this book and it made me appreciate Highlander was truly an epic movie and the Highlander book explains more of the background. He goes to the bar where he and the bartender both listening to the news report of the new beheading and the reporter giving a description of the killer.

November 4, Language: He father is suspicious of Conner but lets him work for him. The Kurgan, his ancient adversary, has tracked him all the way to the streets of New York City. Sign In Don’t have an account?