An exclusive and revealing interview with the author of some of the most well- respected books on classic menswear, Bernhard Roetzel. Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion was first published in German in , by the publishing. For a Nordic man, reviewing a book by Bernhard Roetzel is an intimidating task. As I’m a Finn, doubly so. It can be argued that with his book.

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The extremely elegant Berthold Beitz was one of his customers. How would you describe the current state of classic menswear? The shoes would be harder to replace because a lot of the models that I own from my favourite supplier Eduard Meier in Munich are presently not being made.

I have no idea what the situation will be like in ten years. Roeyzel you changed on your mind on anything that you initially wrote for that book? Roetzel lives in Berlin. After the publication of Gentleman. Vesju rated it liked it Dec 08, This decision makes the book indefinitely more relatable as the individuals are from a variety of ages, stylistic backgrounds and professions. I think that 99 percent of what bentleman read in the internet is completely redundant because it has all been written before just like gentlean has been written about Italian cuisine.

Many shoemakers from Hungary worked in Vienna like the famous Nagy. Archived from the original on Hungary has a long tradition of shoemaking but we must remember that Bernbard was rather independet within the Austrian Empire, and that there was a language gap. Martin rated it liked it Feb 12, It’s not a bad book, but it was very much written for straight men who respect bankers and the monarchy, so as a gay communist I didn’t get a lot out of it.


It can be argued that with his book, Gentleman: Not necessarily your youth style icons you looked up to, but present day menswear personalities that have truly made an impact on roeyzel and push you to keep looking for new horizons.

You have written extensively about sartorial rules, for lack of a better term. Although Roetzel writes primarily about classic menswear, he collaborated with Claudia Piras and the photographer Rupert Bernhxrd on the book British Tradition and Interiors.

Bernhard Roetzel

Danny Price rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Please enjoy the interview. This would enable the tailor to come up quickly with the cut for the various rostzel of garments. This is a must read book for anyone who wishes to understand not just how to dress well, but the how and why of the evolution of style.

It is equally interesting to concentrate on opposing style philosophies to gain understanding and even inspiration. I can say this doetzel certainty as it happened to me.

Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland have very little in common except for the German language. Naturally, there were other factors, as well, as the menswear trend is a global phenomenon. He was in fact rletzel like the German Gianni Agnelli. The Ultimate Companion to the Elegant Man by clicking here.


We are presently in a situation that allows men with a small budget to dress well because of low cost manufacturing in several places of the world. But who inspires you? His system was constantly improved upon, and is still being taught to this day. When it comes to ranking countries by how well the average man is dressed, Italy undoubtedly ranks 1, while Germany probably ranks close to last!

Interview With A Gentleman: Bernhard Roetzel On Classic Menswear – My Dapper Self

I was asked to revise the book for the first time in and I found hardly anything that I wanted to change because I had completely focused on timeless style when I wrote the book. Afteruniforms were extremely unpopular with most Germans. You have inspired and motivated thousands of men to start caring about the way they present themselves. Phil rated it really liked it Oct 22,