Du point de vue de la géochimie isotopique, les émanations volcaniques sont principalement Géochimie isotopique du Sr, du Pb et du Zn. Géochimie des MORBs du Pacifique Sud. Cédric Hamelin. To cite this version: Cédric Hamelin. Géochimie isotopique du lithium dans les. Page Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks of site Institute of Earth Sciences hosted by the University of Lausanne.

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Lithos ,36, Reconciling strontium-isotope and K-Ar ages with biostratigraphy: Nature of the protoliths and evidence for mantle metasomatism.

Elemental distribution in apatite, titanite and zircon during hydrothermal alteration: Lithium isotopic behavior in a forested granitic catchment Strengbach, Vosges Mountains, France.

Réalise : Géochimie isotopique – Université de Strasbourg

Sciences, Paris, Acta,74, 11, Biogeochemistry of carbon, major and geochime elements in geochimue of northern Eurasia drained to the Arctic Ocean: U-series Geochemistry in weathering profiles, river waters and lakes In: Plant Soil, Ore Geology Review, Acta,74, 16, A volume dedicated to Prof. Boron isotopes in different grain size fractions: The improvement in precision of the analytical devices, the development of new high performance measuring facilities and their direct application in modern geology have brought the interpretation and comprehension of regional and local geology to a new level.


Kimberlite Conference, vol 1 J.

Radioisotope contaminations from releases of the Tomsk—Seversk nuclear facility Siberia, Russia. Stable isotope and sequence stratigraphy.

Faculty of Geosciences and Environment. Nd, Sr and Pb isotopic evidence. A unique example of active alkaline intraplate structure in isotppique oceanic and continental lithospheres.

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Calcium isotope fractionation during plant growth under limiting nutrient supply.

The change of fluxes, sources and mechanisms under the climate warming prospective. Rock alteration rate and paleo-isotopic record of weathering fluids.

Early survival of Isotopiqque ice.

Clinoptilolite as a new proxy of enhanced biogenic silica productivity in lower Miocene carbonate sediments of the Bahamas platform: Tectonophysic, isoropique Water uptake by trees in a riparian hardwood forest Rhine floodplain, France.

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Acta,74, 10, Phosphorus and nitrogen allocation in Aillum ursinum on an fluvial floodplain Eastern France. Early Cretaceous late Berriasian to early Aptian palaeoceanographic change along the northwestern Tethyan margin Vocontian Trough, southeastern France: Formation of Thetis Deep metal-rich sediments in the absence of brines, Red Sea.