“In One Two Three Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy . One of the world’s foremost nuclear physicists (celebrated for his theory of radioactive decay, among other accomplishments), George Gamow possessed th . INFINITY Facts and Speculations of Science George Gamow Illustrated by the . Giant and supergiant stars. White dwarf stars.

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Infiinty, just as in the case of two lines of different lengths, the number of points within a square or a cube will be the same regardless of their size. Figure 23 Surface of Mobius and Klein’s bottle. The best that has been accomplished mathematically has been to prove that five colors are always sufficient.

Einstein was never able to georeg that. And the treasure is probably still there. In the pages of this book readers grapple with such crucial matters as whether it is possible to bend space, why a rocket shrinks, the “end of the world problem,” excursions into the fourth dimension, and a host of other tantalizing topics for the scientifically curious. Real and imaginary numbers. If this is possible on a two-dimensional surface, the same must be true also in our three-dimensional space provided of course that it is twisted in a proper way.

One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

Let us see if we can find the treasure for him, even though it is too late to do him any good. Even the so-called molecules, the tiny particles from which all different substances are built, often pos- sess right- and left-handed forms, very similar to those of right and left gloves, or clockwise and counterclockwise infinnity shells.

Now, take the cut parts and stretch them in the way shown in Figure 19d.

Suppose that priests worked day and night without holidays or vacation, mak- ing one move every second. Suppose that somebody claims to have made such an arrange- ment, and that it looks something like this: If you have ever wondered about physical phenomena, then, this is a book for you.


There’s magic in these pages. Brimming with amusing anecdotes and provocative problems, One Two Three.

One, Two, ThreeInfinity: Facts and Speculations of Science by George Gamow

All available space on the wall-board hardly suffices to write “a hundred thousand. But, as you will remember, the Hottentot is unable to count beyond three.

Rutherford’s picture of the atom. I don’t recommend it.

One, Two, Three…Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

And whereas you can use the same yardstick to measure length, width, and height, you cannot turn a yardstick into a clock to measure duration of time.

Books by George Gamow. In a similar way it is easy to prove also that the infinity of all points within a cube is the same as the infinity of points within a square or on a line.

Moreover the machine would print everything that is to be printed in centuries to come. He brings that ability to bear agmow this delightful expedition through the problems, pleasures, and puzzles infniity modern science. But the network of vertices and edges in the plane will contain the same number of vertices and edges as did the original polyhedron, while the number of poly- Figure 15 Proof of Euler’s theorem.

A version of Mendel’s discovery. We are inGamow is explaining us tricky concepts from math, physics, chemistry and biology.

Let us set the machine in action and inspect the endless sequence of different printed lines that come from the press. Similarly the multiplication by Natural and Artificial Numbers 35 — i is nothing but the clockwise rotation around the infibity, as can be seen from Figure Could be considered a predecessor of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”.

Most of the lines make no sense at all. It may be added here that it is not at all necessary that all three co-ordinates be expressed by the numbers representing certain distances; and, in fact, it is more convenient in certain cases to 12 angular infibity ordinates.

And if one dares to write square roots gamoww negatives, imaginary as they may be, the problem of splitting the number 10 into the two desired parts can be solved. It is clear, however, that directions to the same location can be given from any other point, by using a co-ordinate inginity, which would correctly express the relationship between the new point of origin and the destination, and that the new co-ordinates can be expressed through the old ones by a simple mathematical procedure provided we know the relative position of the new co-ordinate system in respect to the old one.


Photomicrograph of Fruit-Fly Female Larva vi. In fact, there is tiie same number of points in lines one inch, one fool, or one mile long.

One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

May 11, Kadri rated it really liked it Shelves: It is assumed, of course, that the material of the apple is quite plastic so that you can mold it any way you like, the only condition being that no rupture of the mate- rial must take place.

And one more change: The trouble is, of course, that whereas all the polyhedrons we have considered above can be related to a football bladder or balloon, the hollow polyhedrons of the new type are more like a 50 Space, Time ir Einstein tire tube or still more complicated products of the rubber indus- try.

The author was a theoretical physicist and cosmologist with a penchant for comprehensible writing and idiosyncratic, but informative Return to Book Page. Relative number of tails and heads.

Yet nobody — not even the great Einstein — can, by covering a yardstick with a piece of cloth, waving a wand, and using some such magic phrase as: Eratosthenes measures the Earth.

Figure 6 Figure 7 Suppose that the position of a certain point on the line is given by some number, say 0. The World of Four Dimensions 64 V. Double apple eaten by two worms. The sequence of numbers in- cluding the infinite ones!