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Contemporary Hungarian and, to some extent, international scholars consider that hunagrorum designation “Roman” before the fifth century in Pannonia referred without doubt to the ancient Romans.

Gesta Hungarorum

The Old Russian chronicle confirms thus the tradition about the Romani as masters of Pannonia, and not the tradition about the Blachi. The objects with magic and symbolic charac- ter suggest that the buried person was a shaman. The Transylvanian School came into being under the influence of this new interest in history.

The Humanists sought to return to the real values, to the best original Latin and Greek authors; and they regarded the literature of classical antiquity as the source of all “civilized” values and considered it their duty to analyze these texts critically.

It contains 93 chapters; the Romanian translation [33] is pages. The Byzantine sources recorded a dangerous Hungarian inroad in the Byzantine Empire, in It seems that Petru More had proposed this castle as a new resi- dence of the bishop.

A Critical and Analytical Guide.

When the Roman Empire declined, the Hungarians came from the province of Sycia [Scythia] and from the great kingdom which is beyond the Maeotis marshes, and they fought in the large field that is between Sicambria and Alba Regalis with the festa ten testa and they defeated them. In the following pages we will examine the Old Hungarian finds from Transylvania, dated before the penetration of the Bjelo Brdo culture.

In conclusion, we consider that the present state of the investi- gation cannot provide a final solution for the identity of the Ano- nymous Notary.


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When these raids ceased and many prisoners escaped aftertheir way of life required a larger exploitation of the salt resources for cattle breed- ing. Chapter I discussed the conquest of Dacia by the Romans: Parish priests received their education in monasteries or from their fathers and many of them could read but not write.

In the Middle Ages the designation “Blach” Vlach was not, like “Vlach” is today, a specific reference to the ancestors of the present-day Romanians.

Although this was not put into practice, the Diploma’s existence was of great significance, because it provided a legal basis for the Romanian national movement and for those struggling for the rights of the Romanians during the eighteenth century, especially Bishop Inochentie Micu-Klein also Clain.

During this period, which became known as the age of Romanticism, the medieval myths of previous times were abandoned, historical theses revised, and fabrications exposed. This seems to exclude Bishop Paulus of Transylvania from the list of possible authors. Several of his works were published in West European languages and had a lasting influence on European public opinion.

The battle was moved four decades back. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Gyula (title) – Wikipedia

Perhaps only Gelou himself and the few noblemen who rode at his side in battle were able to afford better gear for example, chainmail armor. Ma- cartney, who demonstrated hungaroeum the Anonymous Notary ascribed to Tuhutum all geeta exploits of Gyula, because he transferred all the events to the age of Arpad.

The fortress was restored after some time, in a different technique. This region, located close to the territory where the Romanian place-names are attested, had in ancient times strong relations with Pannonia north of the Drava River.

He considered continuity an axiom that could not be questioned. In his view, hungarorrum Blachian Slavs were a Romance population from Welschland Italy arrived in Pannonia after the fall of the Avarian qanate. The sides of the wall were covered with longitudinal beams, propped with pillars.


To glorify the Hungarians, the ancestors of the author’s contemporary landholders, the ancient Hungarian nobility, are presented mainly in fierce battles with their victories.

Romama were the first signs of the differences of opinion between the historians and linguists that exist to this day.

They are inserted in three places: These sources do not speak about Romani or Pannoni the name that we expect to be used for the inhabitants, by analogy with Galli, Rhaeti, Itali hungarroum. Furthermore, the text itself has nothing to do with the essence of the theory of continuity: It is obvious that, in such circumstances, the credibility of the gestae is low, and not necessarily because their authors were wrong, but because the oral tradition itself distorts the historical reality.

Komnena’s Alexiade described the Vlachs as a nomadic population, and several passages tell about their presence between the Balakn Mountains and the Danube. The Blachii from GH, c.

Moreover, two of these names have sound patterns in Romanian that give some indication as to the period in which they were borrowed by the Romanians: This population was equipped with weapons spearheads, arrowheads, stone balls for the cata- pults. He also described the incursion in 10 A.

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InPannonia was attacked by Quadae and Sarmatians defeated the following year by Valentinianus I. Chapter V deals with the appearance of the Hungarians in Transylvania and Pannonia. Its exact surface cannot be established, hungarlrum it was not very large.