Print you PDF silently using C#; Author: ; Updated: 14 Mar ; we’ll use the suite of software Ghost Script developed by Artifex and. 2) using gsprint, a executable that comes with Ghostview (the GUI for GhostScript ) and who’s able to send PS and PDF files to any printer that. or uninstaller silently, /D sets the default installation directory (It must be . To print to a specified queue, use -sOutputFile=\\spool\NullLPT1.

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Spooling a PDF containing 60 pages using Ghostscript takes minutes instead of a couple of seconds using alternative methods. If you already have Ghostscript installed on your system, you can probably use your existing version, but read the following paragraph and write down the information that you will need about your existing setup.

Background printing of PDF documents – Bincsoft

Most developers when they try to send jobs to a printer, they use Acrobat Reader via command line by setting the required parameters. Beware ghostecript gsprint should be approached through the commandline and will not rpint print the file in the correct orientation portrait or landscape. Can prjnt past an example using de UseGSPrint routine? Version 6 of Adobe Reader supported command line printing; sadly this was removed in newer versions.

After you complete the setup, the method is entirely automatic and needs no intervention from the user. Sign up using Email and Password. Note to high-powered experts in printing and Windows only: Also, be absolutely certain that you understand the concept of an “example. Do not use this on bit processors running bit Windows. Windows XP x64 edition, priint Vista bit The x64 installer is normally named gs w The method works in this way: This method was however twice as fast as Adobe Reader when printing the 40 test documents and finished in about 6 minutes.


It worked out quite well for me, as I no longer have annoying Adobe popups, and can rest asure my print order will be kept the way I send it down the pipeline….

Background printing of PDF documents

The only way to make this procedure work is to follow the instructions in every single detail. Consider using one of this site’s other methods before you take the trouble to set up this one. In the PrintFile Settings dialog, under General, add a checkmark next to “Enable wilent function,” and remove the checkmark if any next to “Show printer selection dialog. This was a minor problem because the printer name supplied with the files was actually the share ghosstscript.

Fonts The makefile installs all the files except fonts under the directory defined in the eilent as prefix. Somewhere in some developers manual I found out that you have to go through JavaScript to be able to set a destination printer, which is completely insane.

Silent Print Using C R. It complain Adobe 7 is not compatible to Window 7.

The driver resolution is designed to optimize the output of bitmapped graphics. When printing the 40 test documents using 3 threads, all documents were processed in less than 1 min 30 sec.

Error sending files to printer. If, and only ifyou know exactly what you are doing, and if you have an expensive printer or one of certain older printer models, you may want to consult the possible modifications to step 4c described below. Btw, if you do manage to change silnt paper size programatically, please keep us posted. Whatever configuration method you use, execute ” make install ” to install the executable and all the required and ancillary files after the build is complete.


Islent display drivers have bugs which cause 1 bit-per-pixel bitmaps to be displayed incorrectly. Also, when printing documents with several pages Ghostscript seems to process each page individually.

Ghostscript silent printing – Stack Overflow

This is usually the preferred executable. This switch can go anywhere on the command line, but it is commonly placed after the switch that identifies the device. With this method, however, color graphics can be printed on any color printer. Can you tell me possible reason why these are coming? Posted by icaro on June 2, Posted by miliu on January 17, You may be able to work around this problem by running a separate print job for the the pages that you want to print on special paper for example, on an envelope and feeding the special paper into your printer by hand.

This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or implied.

Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: These are entirely platform-specific. Using one thread to print all 40 documents took about 12 minutes with this method.

For other information, see the Ghostscript overview and ” How to build Ghostscript from source code “. We could of course change the default printer but that wouldn’t be thread safe. If like some visitors to this site you don’t understand what an “example” means, and you insist on typing in the examples shown on this page instead of using the actual filenames that you find on your system, then stop nowand do not try to use this method.