Gigaset N/NA IP / GBR / AML / / . Gigaset C59H, SL78H, SLH or S79H handset, for example. 1. 2. 3. 1 One Gigaset SL base station. 2 One base station cover stand. 3 One power adapter for the base station. 4 One Gigaset SL78H handset. 4. Sept. Geben Sie Ihr Gigaset nur mit der Bedienungsanleitung an Dritte weiter. meldetes Mobilteil Gigaset SL78H, SLH oder S79H.

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Gigaset SH handset u u u u u u u u Illuminated graphic vedienungsanleitung display 65k colours Illuminated keypad Speaker mode Polyphonic ringtones Directory for approx.

The ringtone can still be heard on other registered handsets.


Setting your own area code. You are connected directly. To listen in to the external call. The main menu may look different on your handset. You are connected straight to the network mailbox. The update process can take up to 10 minutes not including the download time.

Profile 4 Optimised for special connections. Repeat recording if required. The phone only rings if the phone number has been transferred. Use the following guide to quickly locate the most important topics. A vCard can include: You will hear a confirmation tone and the handset will automatically return to idle status. Play back new and old messages press and hold.

Press speaker key d if required. You can record your own announcement message or advisory message via the handset.


Action failed red Page Activate the ringtone page A P appears in the display. Resource Directory Resource Directory Resource Directory Sounds for ringtones and images that can be used as caller pictures CLIP pictures or as a screensaver are saved in the handset’s resource directory. If the backlight is deactivated it is switched on by pressing any key.


Siemens gigaset firmware sl78h – Google Docs

The changed name is displayed in every handset’s list. The entry is saved to the corresponding digit key. The display and keypad are not illuminated and advisory tones are also turned off.

You can accept the call as long as it is displayed on the screen. The top right of the display shows how many characters are still available and which part of a linked SMS is currently being written. You will return to the vCard automatically. Setting the colour scheme Version 4. Getting to know your telephone Submenus The functions in the submenus are displayed as lists.

The data is initially loaded from the update server on the Internet. The resource directory on the handset manages sounds, which you can use as ringtones, and pictures, which you can use as caller pictures or as screensavers. Eco Mode reduces the range of the base station by approx.

Siemens Gigaset SA Specifications |

The phone retailer from whom you purchased your telephone system will be happy to assist with any further ques- tions regarding your Gigaset Professional Telephone system. You will hear the network mailbox announcement.

  ISO 7240-19 PDF

New entry u Number or name of caller u Date and time of call if set, page 17 u Type of entry: The base’s range is reduced because Eco Mode is activated.

Internal listening in The line is engaged with an external call. In input fields Use the control key to move the cursor up t, down s, right v or left u. Press the talk key again. Sound profiles Additional functions Sound profiles The telephone has 3 sound profiles for adapting the handset to the environmental conditions: Send a single entry in vCard format via Bluetooth. Items in search results. If 10 entries are already stored in the list, the next appointment reminder will delete the oldest entry.

Do not use solvents or microfibre cloths.

You can configure the network mailbox instead. Saving an access code outside line code.

The main menu functions are partially base-specific. Ask your network provider about this. The other bedienungsanleituny cannot hear you. The base is not switched on.