The last time I was in touch with Gino Casassa, a glaciologist, I was working on a story about the dangers of Glofs in Patagonia and worldwide. Radio-echo sounding of Tyndall Glacier, southern Patagonia. Gino CASASSA. Byrd Polar Research Center and Department of Geological Sciences, The Ohio. Gino is Chilean PhD in Glaciology and Director of the Glaciological Department at the Magellan University in Punta Arenas, Chile. He has been climbing for.

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Ice volumetric changes on active volcanoes in southern Chile more. There is only one answer: We present a glacier inventory of the GCN made up by 27 drainage basins in Absolutely, it is a change in paradigms and it shocks me. Pio XI glacier, with an area of km2 and a length of But these measures are not enough yet. The poorest countries are the most damaged ones due global warming.

Gino Casassa – Aventuras Patagonicas

Where is the debate now regarding the sun in the future? Yes, and it is a pity.

This figure is increasing and increasing. Science allows us to know better about this planet with limited resources we have gimo take care of. Ice elevation and areal changes of glaciers from the Northern Patagonia Icefield, Chile more.

An increase in precipitation. This is done by digitizing the maps and creating digital terrain models at m resolution.

Finally the French solved the conflict in a clever way. I think a major step was done years ago when both countries declared the ice fields as national parks. And surprisingly there are a few other glaciers that are increasing, particularly on the southwestern and central western sides.

Of course, Chile has to play a proactive role in this matter, it can go backwards. Is this a worrying threat? The glacier inventory is based on a digital elevation model DEM and ortho-photos.


Therefore there was a fund of thousands of millions of dollars to help developing countries to promote clean technologies, measures of adaptation, etc. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. What can you say to a country like Bangladesh, with thousands of inhabitants and coasts that are threatened by the sea level rise?

Here are excerpts from my interview with Casassa in December. We need to do more to map the danger zones and bring this to policymakers, city planners and others to make adequate legislation to regulate the urbanization of towns and roads.

Does being a pioneer have a price in science? There is a movement that turned us into environmental protectionists.

Regarding social equity, is this another perverse reflection of the world that surrounds us? The president of the Republic called us and we were welcomed at La Moneda Palace, headquarters of the government presidency in Chile… It was a great honor to take part in all that. The sceptical thinking, however, reached the highest spheres of international politic power.

Glacier basins with a decreasing run-off trend have been observed in south-central British Columbia, at low elevations in the Caasassa Alps and in the central Andes of Chile, which is probably a combined effect of reduced melt from seasonal snow cover as the snow line rises, and fino glacier area losses.

Gino Casassa

Use of remotely-sensed and field data to estimate the contribution of Chilean glaciers to eustatic sea-level rise more. Nevertheless, the increase in temperature has shifted the ELA upwards, reaching close to a threshold, from where the glacier would begin to retreat in the future if the ELA elevation trend continues. The public sector, with an essential role, has to create a proper regulation to protect the environment, have the support from the government, etc.

Some Russian scientists proposed in a study that the sun would fade out and that would cause local glaciations. At least in part, melting glaciers in the mountain above the town. Current status of Andean glaciers more. I am a lover of the environment, I would like to see the coasts and mountains without human presence.


GeophysicsAtmospheric sciencesPerturbation Analysisand Annals. These glaciers are not just melting, but calving – breaking into big pieces and going into the ocean, fjords, or fresh water lakes. In particular, I wanted to know then about his work studying Lago Cachet 2, the most notorious case concerning Glofs in Patagonia. Explorers, adventurers and scientists are fascinated by the Polar Regions. We present a glacier inventory of the GCN made up by 27 drainage basins in total In Octobermore than countries signed an agreement in Rwanda to fight climate change.

Gino Casassa – Citas de Google Académico

But the difference between the North and South is that precipitation has decreased down to around Coyhaique, but further south it has increased. Shackleton gave up his dream of crossing the Antarctic on foot, and the one who did so was Sir Edmund Hillary inbut with motorized tractors. Log In Sign Up. Global and Planetary Change. Are you encouraged by the way the world – other than Donald Trump, of course – is reacting to the climate change threat? But we have to do so. In future warming scenarios, glacier run-off should start to decrease even in high-altitude basins, affecting water availability.

When it comes to matters of environment regulation, could Chile be a reference for other countries with similar problems? GPC Editorial more.

The big doubt is to know to what extend this agreement is binding enough. Atmospheric warming and enhanced melting of glaciers is already resulting in changes in the glacial contribution to run-off in mountain basins around the world.