Glasshouse [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ONE NIGHTMARISH PANOPTICON.” – The New York Times When Robin . This Glasshouse isn’t just glass. It’s a prism that Charles Stross uses to split his storytelling into all of its component narrative colors — suspense, action, satire. Perhaps we all live in a Glasshouse of our own making, Stross constantly hints, while offering up an account of those who, contrary to the old adage, respond by .

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So I decided that perhaps Stross was playing a deep game, that perhaps all ten newbie inmates had been indoctrinated in such behavior strosx waking in the Glasshouse. Glasshouse by Charles Stross. He who controls the past controls the future”? As far as we can tell, the MI5 allegations about Barnett were innuendo, based on general paranoia and fueled by his involvement in the memorial to the victims of the Lidice Massacre.

Glasshouse by Charles Stross

I’d disagree about N. The Glasshouse is presented to him as a refuge, but in reality it’s a snare and a trap: A mild example; try checking into a nice hotel with the name Goldberg, suddenly there’d be no vacancies. The narrator describes things from the setting’s future present day point of view with little explanation. Stross has flaws but I was thinking ever couple of pages which makes this a good thing. These are the kinds of questions that make for great philosophy debates and usually terrible novels.

I don’t feel the need for a sequel, as I thought the story was so well srtoss – some stories demand sequels, and some simply glasshouee as they stand alone. That’s a hell of a comment to make without explanation. One of the benefits of a terrible memory for details is that when you go back and read a book 6 years later, it’s almost like reading an entire new book.


All of this made sense to me, but not sure if that’s everyone’s takeaway. But it’s probably goasshouse going to get written, because I’m told “Glasshouse” is my slowest-selling SF novel in the US market, and a sequel wouldn’t justify much of an advance. The post-human individual, then, can be spread over multiple, often non-communicating independent sites that nevertheless constitute a single identity and whose acts are mutually binding.

In fact, galsshouse may be my favorite of Stross’ novels that I’ve read unfortunately, I believe it was also one of his lowest selling, which derailed chances of a follow-up or something in the same universe.

It’s a period from which a single strong signal can be expected to propagate into the future, compared to the encrypted variant mush blatting from the near-present. Historians and archaeologists were singled out for annihilation. It’s frightening to know there are people who think like that in real life. It’s possible that his findings were so blindingly obvious to the psychology community that no one bothers testing them.

I’m going to rape you in a way that won’t leave scars, then wipe your memory of it. Robin has just emerged from radical memory surgery. Surely if one is going to write a story like this, then its focus has to be a lot more contemporary — as writing about the s is about as glqsshouse to us now or us in as having these characters caught in a simulation of Victoriana.

The Vorpal blade is glassbouse weapon featured in the novel. The Island of Dr. Dan Brown, for all his flaws, has that element right. Left to the reader? Dubstep is rocking the foundations of our musical world. You’re out of the loop on some things.


The White Hotel Tolkien, J. Sorry, I’ve just realised that I’m trying to explain your characters to you.

For some reason Stross insists on using a different timescale even though their bear a slight linguistic resemblance to terms we use today. However, the sledgehammer-to-the-gonads delivery of the “theism sucks” sub text annoyed me a lot. The most important takeaway from all this is that people make important decisions based on irrational criteria that might not even make sense.


Think my muse’s been getting lazy, more than usual that is. Certainly by the end of the trilogy Pullman seemed to be suffering from a case of Oliver-Stone-ism, and was hammering his point home with all the subtelty of a pound sledgehammer applied to the gonads.

Syross compared to the antagonists, who are convinced that what they’re doing is Good and Right, and Sorry, I’ve just realised that I’m trying to explain your characters to you. Jun 05, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: A variety of militia groups formed, among them the Linebarger Catswho specialised in esoteric strategies and psyops.

Don’t be fooled, it’s just lulling you into complacency.

OK, I stand corrected, I didn’t consider the possibility that you cater to your primary market. Slan Van Vogt, A. Stross does it very well. And since the main character is a participant in the experiment there’s an interesting ethnographical aspect to the narrative.